What are the Benefits of Fingerprint Recognition Biometric Technology?

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Bio metric authentication solutions use the forensic criteria to manage access control to sensitive areas and systems. An automated fingerprint identification system is beneficial for governments, enterprises, and online services that could safely provide access to multiple systems with multi-factor authentication.

Here are some of the biometric authentication tools that are available:

●    Fingerprint scanners
●    Facial and voice recognition
●    Iris scanners
●    Hand geometry systems

With all the above-mentioned technologies, you can easily deploy a secure access model using password-less authentication for better security.
How does Biometric Authentication work?

First of all, you have to register your information in a system and connect it with your digital profile. As soon as the system matches your stored record with your physical traits, you are granted access.

There are three kinds of technologies that are involved in the biometric authentication technology:

1.    Sensor or scanner - There is a highly accurate scanning or sensitive device which is used to capture your biometric information in the system.
2.    Computer or System - The information system where you store your information enables you to fetch it in the future for comparison with the live data.
3.    Software Application - There is a program that manages the interface between the sensor and the computer system while carrying out a comparison.

There is most common type of biometric authentication that is available today is fingerprint scanners. These scanners and software are becoming common in laptops, mobile devices, or connected hardware to improve your device’s security.

Moreover, other recognition solutions exist like voice and face recognition, but these solutions are a little bit expensive and lack accuracy.
Due to the technological transformation and years of research on the accuracy of the comparison methods, fingerprint scanners have become the most preferred biometric authentication method for today’s security.

Evolution of Fingerprint Scanners

There were older fingerprint scanners that used match-on-host technology, but leading biometric system companies developed the state of the art biometric sensors that helped the organisations in the long run. Companies started building a complete, hardware encapsulated fingerprint scanner using match-in sensor technology instead of the match on the host technology.

Leading Industries Using Biometric Authentication Technology

Automotive Industry

Due to its versatile nature, accuracy, and convenience, biometric authentication is finding its usage in multiple industries. Automotive companies use iris and fingerprint scanners to lock, unlock, and start vehicles. The automotive biometric industry will grow by a 17% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) until 2024.

Banking and Healthcare

In the financial sector, biometric methods have become vital in preventing customer fraud.  In the case of the healthcare industry, it provides convenience, reduces human error, and protects personal information. Most consumers are preferring these kinds of methods to safeguard their data. According to MasterCard, 93% of customers wanted biometric authentication when using financial services.

Corporates and Facilities

Gradually, more employers are turning towards automated and integrated access and security controls using the latest biometric authentication. You can easily control all the security information from a central, encrypted location while controlling the access to both, physical space and network location in an effective manner. By 2021, 66% of the organizations were using fingerprint scanners as part of their authentication systems, according to the latest survey of Spiceworks.


Whether it is online or brick-and-mortar retail, the customer experience is one of the major considerations that are considered for businesses. Retailers work hard to improve the user journey and provide value-added services to their customers, but in some cases, information security suffers. Fingerprint biometric technology plays a vital role in overcoming these kinds of challenges.

Government Agencies

We all understand the importance of government data, a minor leak in the data of the government can create war-like situations and can cause bitter relations between two nations. For this, biometric authentication can help these agencies to shore up their internal security and public-facing operations. Portable digital scanners help law enforcement quickly retrieve data and records on an individual basis. Biometrics plays a pivotal role in helping these agencies to improve their security.


When it comes to fingerprint recognition biometric technology and automated fingerprint Identification system, these technologies play an important role in improving security and accessibility. It doesn’t matter where the authenticator is sitting, they can easily grant/stop the access of the user anytime. So, relying on biometric technology is safer and easier in comparison to other technologies.

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