Smart Parking System is What India Needs Right Now!

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Looking for a parking space has become a routine activity for Indians. In the whole world, almost 30% of the urban congestion is created by drivers cruising for parking spaces. Globally, parking exploration has caused oil wastage and almost one million barrel of oil is wasted because of it. The ever-growing congestion and uncertainty of the parking slot have enforced the need for a smart parking system. A smart parking technology helps to optimize parking space usage, improve the efficiency of the parking operations and help smoother traffic flow.

Smart Parking System helps to improve consumers' parking experience by providing them the exact location of vacant parking spot in the area.

Uses of Smart Parking System

a)  Short term period parking
b)  Contractual parking
c)  Offline mode in case of no network
d)  Real-time monitoring of hardware devices
e)  Online Tariff Engine Integration
f)  Offline Tariff Engine Integration
g)  Remote Support and Troubleshooting
How Users can Access the Smart Parking System

a)  RFID/NFC access
b)  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based access
c)  License Plate Recognition (LPR) based access
d)  Barcode Access, QR code, Reverse QR Code

With the help of smart parking solutions like smart parking system, the user gets endless benefits. Some of the vital benefits of the smart parking solutions are:

1.  Search for the parking space
2.  Navigate to the parking space
3.  Check availability of the parking space
4.  Pr-book parking space
5.  Pay online for the parking space
6.  Helps the law authorities enforce the law enforcement system

With the help of smart parking solutions, the users can get multiple add on facilities apart from parking such as car wash, maintenance, electric charging point, etc.

Opportunities of Smart Parking System

The parking industry is worth $24-25 billion dollars worldwide which includes parking facility management, billing and collection, and other additional services. However, some challenges can be turned into opportunities.


Adoption of Technology – Indians are advanced in social networking and messenger apps. But when it comes to operating IoT technology, everyone is not an expert. The parking management system in the wireless device can pose a challenge to senior citizens who limit their internet use to communication only.


Enabling the tools and techniques – Indian drivers are adopting new technologies for their comfort and ease of access. Earlier, there were hardly any smart vehicles seen on road. But due to rapid transformation in technology, users are getting major benefits. When it comes to parking solutions, smart parking system is contributing a lot to the users as well as the authorities.

Benefits of Smart Parking System

1. Reduced Traffic – When a driver knows exactly where they need to go and park, it helps in idling and jamming the traffic. The reduction in unnecessary driving optimizes traffic flow in high-density areas.

2. New Business Opportunities – Smart parking system creates the possibility of new business models. Many companies advertise their products and services in the application through which users can earn money. Also, reward programs, app-based payments, dynamic parking tariffs are some examples.

3. Reduced Labor and costs – For street parking, multiple laborers are required that helps to park the vehicles. Also, there is no accountability for the number of vehicles and the parking instructors can create a discrepancy in the billing. A Smart Parking System keeps the track of incoming and outgoing vehicles and their tariffs.

4. Safety – Improperly parked vehicles in prime areas can cause mayhem on the roads. India is a densely populated country and parking spaces are very less in comparison to the number of vehicles. A parking management system helps to integrate all the vehicles at one location which helps in road safety and public security.


Smart parking management system provider is working tirelessly to provide end to end support to the users. With the help of smart parking solutions like Smart Parking System, users can get the endless benefits. These smart solutions are easy to implement and follow. It is as simple as using a GPS navigation system on phone where the rider has to enter the destination detail and gets all the real time data on their handsets. If implemented properly, the solutions can contribute a lot to the government, society and environment.

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