Izuku Midoriya’s History of Harum-Scarum Nature and Its Origins

by Aida Martin Norton Setup

Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia has a history of reckless and violent actions. He often ventures into deep waters for the sake of others. His selfless pursuit of justice brings lots of troubles for him. But what drives his recklessness which has earned him notoriety? Where does all his rage come from? To what extent is his pursuit of selfless actions for the protection of others justified? The trivialization of his suicidal tendencies in fight or flight scenarios by him is finally catching up to him.

Izuku Midoriya’s History of Harum-Scarum Nature and Its Origins

Most of Deku’s (Izuku Midoriya) friends are unable to comprehend why he is the way he is. They have become accustomed to his ways and unfortunately are unable to understand the deep-rooted psychological issues that are driving his reckless nature.

Deku’s mission to become the world’s greatest hero just adds to his burden. Even though it is his dream and he loves to do what he does. There are limits to which anyone can take physical or psychological trauma.

What needs to be made very clear is that his recklessness is something that he has acquired over time in pursuits of his dreams. It is rooted in various life events and struggles that he went through.

The troubled childhood

Deku ever since he was little was very clear about what he wanted to do. His obsession to become a hero knew no bounds. But when he came to the realization that he was Quirkless. Nothing could have been more depressing. In a world full of people where it was estimated that 80 per cent had Quirks, he was someone without one. It not just affected his ego and self-esteem but also stood as a big hurdle he must overcome in order to fulfil his dream of becoming the world’s greatest hero. This did to a certain degree drove him to take reckless measures to prove himself in early childhood, which later became his nature.

He was desperate to get his Quirk, as soon as possible. He decided to apply to UA even though he was Quirkless. His decisions like this were obviously driven by ambition as well as emotion. At that point in time, he didn’t really have much to show for except courage and reckless pursuit of dreams. His undaunting nature and fixation on becoming a hero made a world of difference in his journey later.

 Challenges at the UA

Using a Quirk required years of rigorous training and hard work. When Izuku finally got it he struggled with it. Often injuring himself in the process, he had to work out his way around it. In order to compensate for his lack of training, he started using small amounts of power at a time making it easier for him to control it.

Although his lack of experience continued to weigh him down in comparison to his friends who had years of practice and training with their Quirks. So, they were well aware of the ins and outs of their craft which meant that Deku was at a disadvantage when it came to competing with them. He was thrown directly to training, with his lack of practical knowledge of his Quirk. This meant in order to just compete with his peers, he often had to literally break his body.

His friends misunderstood his impetuous nature and risk-averse approach to everything. They often called him crazy for being the way he was and thought he was arrogant at times. But with time they got to know him better and understood how selfless and kind he really was.

 The cost of valor

Deku’s relentless pursuit of greatness has come at a great price both physically and psychologically. He has even questioned All Might’s decision to choose him as a successor in moments of doubts. Putting himself under great physical distress has caused him serious injuries. He now is at risk of paralyzing his entire arm.

Apart from all the physical traumas he has also had to undergo psychological suffering too. In moments of doubt, he had to bear the burden of being the successor of All Might, whom he did not want to let down since he was his ideal.

Deku’s heroism and success have cost him dearly. He has so far faced everything with valor. All that he needs now is to make sure that while serving others selflessly he himself suffers less in the process. His stake at greatness seems just a matter of time.


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