Italian Food Guide for London Gastronomic Explorers

by Katy Wilson An Enthusiastic Content Writer

It is an Italian specialty to take something simple and familiar and twist into something interesting and delicious. From basic salads to classics like pasta and pizza, it is no surprise that Italian food is such a hit among London masses. Rich flavours, simplicity and captivating appearance is what defines Italian food and this is exactly what people have fallen in love with, crowding some of the best Italian restaurants London has all year long. 

Understanding Italian cuisine however, is not that difficult. Most culinary experts confirm that Italian food is all about quality ingredients, simple recipes and skilful cooking techniques. So, in any authentic Italian restaurant Soho, ingredients and techniques are emphasized upon the most. We bring you an insight on both, which can serve as a perfect guide for any Italian food lover.


Just like most good cooking methods, it is crucial to pay attention to the ingredients. Most Italian dishes feature only a handful of ingredients. Usually, the first course in an Italian restaurant in London consists of rice or pasta, which include seasonal ingredients like tomatoes. Quality of the ingredients hugely determines quality of the dish. There are a few tips that best restaurants in Soho that serve Italian cuisine utilise in picking up the ingredients.

For Italian cooking use of fresh produce is very important. These restaurants make sure that only the best quality vegetables and fruits are purchased. In their kitchen, you will find tomatoes that are bursting with flavours and have a very intense taste. Using just any tomatoes or ingredients won’t do for the Italian cooking.


In addition, buying fruits and vegetables with their tops on is a ‘thing to do’, as leaves, stems and ends helps in preserving the flavour of the vegetables and fruits. For instance, using carrots that have their leafy top on.

Ingredients are so important to the Italian kitchen that some of the dishes are prepared just to celebrate the season of common ingredients, like zucchini, radicchio and pumpkin. 

Italian Cooking Technique

Once you have zeroed-in on quality ingredients, it is time to put them into cooking. One special technique that chefs acquire for this food is ‘seasoning’. Salt and sugar are two main types of seasoning ingredients. You can bring a huge difference in taste to your dish depending on when you season, that is during the cooking or after the dish is made. It is a rule of thumb to not go intensive in either way– just enough to highlight the flavor of ingredients in the dish.


Also, the way you cut your ingredients plays a major role in affecting the texture and taste of your dish. Main ingredients should be cut evenly so that they can get cooked at same rate and preserve their shape. Seasoning ingredients are often cut into thin and small pieces so that they can mix well with the main dish.

However, Italian cooking, at its core, is based on simplicity. This culinary technique allows you to develop your own technique, giving you enough freedom to express yourself. You also have the liberty to substitute one ingredient for another and invent your own dishes on the go; perhaps the reason it always inspires new chefs to enroll for this genre of cooking. Depending on your technique, your dish could be sublime, watery or even messy. 

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Rustiko aims to provide you with the best dining experience with authentic Italian delicacies. Each dish is made with utter passion by the skilled chefs and is no less than a piece of art. Counted among the best restaurants in Soho, you can gorge on mainstream as well as lesser known Italian dishes at wallet-friendly prices in this fine Italian restaurant in London.


There is a reason why the best Italian restaurant Soho is doing so good. Their cooking techniques and ingredients make for a delicious dish. This blog walks you through ins and outs of Italian cooking– a perfect guide for any foodie.

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