8 Common Ways among Londoners to Improve Blood Circulation

by Katy Wilson An Enthusiastic Content Writer
Poor blood circulation can result in cardiovascular diseases. This disorder can also make you feel excessively sluggish and dull at all times. Insufficient oxygen supply to blood cells takes a toll over a person’s health. So, it is necessary for you to start working towards improving the blood circulation in your body.

Thai massage, being one of the many ways to improve blood circulation, is very popular amongst Londoners for the perks it brings along. Boosted level of energy, calm mind and a cleansed aura are just a few things that naturally follow the best Thai Massage London spas offer to Londoners and tourists. Besides this, there are a number of other ways to set the blood circulation right. Let us talk about some of these methods:

1. Consuming Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is one of the most effective and easiest ways to boost blood circulation. Comprising the chemical compound Capsiacin, it is known to lower the cholesterol level and helping in clearing arteries and blood vessels. Sprinkle ground pepper over sautéed dishes, soups and salads to add a dash of it in each meal that you eat. If you wish to target a specific part of your body make a paste of Cayenne Pepper with water and apply on a thin cloth and wrap it onto the skin. Any burning sensation can be de-intensified by adding olive oil to the paste.

2. Using Heat Therapies

Heat therapies like sauna baths, hot packs, hot water bottles and heating packs are essentially used in spa centres in London to increase blood flow, remove toxins from blood cells and improve flexibility. Saunas can be helpful in improving cardiovascular performance, affecting overall health positively. Making the immune system stronger, heat therapies are perfect for fighting illnesses too.

3. Regular Stretching exercises

Pilates or yoga classes give your body regular stretches, which improves the muscle blood flow, keeps your body flexible and less prone to injuries. Getting a Thai massage is again a mixture of acupressure, yoga postures and stretching, perfect way to get the blood flow right.

4. Eating Dark Chocolate

Yes, that’s right!! Dark chocolate is known to have antioxidants called flavonoids, which efficiently improve the blood circulation. With benefit of lowering the blood pressure too, dark chocolates are more than just good taste.

5. Good Sleep for proper body functioning

Getting enough sleep is a mantra we all have been listening to from ages. Secretion of sleep hormone, melatonin helps in reducing stress, allows muscles to relax and proper detoxification along with lymph drainage. All this leads to better blood circulation.
6. Taking Adequate dose of Vitamin E and Vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C can be a major reason for narrowing of arteries, which can cause disrupted blood flow and other health issues like atherosclerosis. Accumulation of plaque in blood is another cause of low levels of vitamin C. Avoid all this by adding citrus fruits like lemon to your diet and reap their benefits.
Vitamin E also needs a place in your daily nutrition, as it widens the blood vessels resulting in better blood flow.
7. Drinking Lots of Water

Most Important! Staying hydrated is one common solution to mostly all health issues, even this. Water improves blood flow as the level of oxygen in blood is higher when the body is hydrated.
8. Intake of more Dietary Fibre

Dietary fibre promotes production of propionic acid in the intestines, which keeps them away from bile and lowers cholesterol, ultimately resulting in smooth blood circulation.

Thai Massages at Thai Square Spa

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