4 Must try Thai Spa Treatments in the Best Spa in London

by Katy Wilson An Enthusiastic Content Writer
An ancient healing regime, with effective techniques and a pleasant mixture of natural herbs, Thai Spa treatments are known to bring harmony between your mental and physical state. These treatments focus majorly on rejuvenation and streamlining the flow of energy along the peripherals of your body, aiming at relieving stress and anxiety. Thai spa treatments endow you with a positive attitude that clearly reflects in your approach at the professional or personal front. Feelings of relaxation and contentment naturally glide in with regular indulgence in various treatments for different parts of body and different reasons.

Be it premature ageing or hectic work schedule that is causing adverse effects on your skin and over all well-being, the best spa in London has a treasure full of therapies to address almost all the ailments. Some of these Thai spa treatments are:

1. Thai Massage

A common and possibly the best way to relax your mind and body, Thai massage is a blend of naturopathy, acupressure, muscle stretching and yoga postures. Freeing the body from blocked channels of energy with deep tissue massage, it improves well-being and cognitive health of a person. Further sub categorised into aromatherapy massage and reflexology foot massage, Thai Spa treatment changes a person’s outlook and emotional status in a positive manner. In addition, improved blood circulation and increased flexibility are some known outcomes of Thai massage.

Foot massage involves unblocking energy channels from legs and feet by washing up and exfoliating the skin using herbal water and scrubs.

2. Herbal Poultices

Herbs like turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime, camphor tree, cinnamon and tamarind are combined into a hot compress in tight fabric. It is pressed and massaged all over the body that provides a soothing effect coupled with stimulated and awakened senses. The aroma of these herbs gets left behind on the body making you smell like great for days. With red-jasmine body scrub, herbal poultices take away fatigue and align body with postural integrity.

3. Facial Treatments

Day spa London includes facial treatments that are high on benefits. Revitalizing, repairing and removing dead skin cells from face remains the main focus of this treatment. The pollens of seven Thai flowers are used in treating the face and supplying it with a youthful beauty. Moisturising the skin and letting it breathe with standardized ingredients leaves it purified and nourished. The supple and glowing face with soft skin makes for the amazing pre-party preparations you are heading to.

4. Ritual Therapies

Thai ritual therapies include all the treatments mentioned above in one package. Facilitating body revival and soul rebalancing while loosening the tight muscles along with improved blood circulation, these ritual therapies help in detoxifying the whole body. With luxurious treatments and exotic herbs and scrubs, the skin becomes radiant and healthy. Covering the skin in hydrating masks of lemon, honey and Y Lang provides sufficient nourishment and restores skin’s balance.

Thai Square Spa – Revamping your Soul

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The article gets the readers acquainted with different types of Thai Spa treatments offered at the best spa in London.

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