Important Things to Know Before Getting an Abortion in India

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Despite living in the 21st century, abortion is still considered as taboo in the society. Women belong to any sector has a right to choose the best for her. Taking a decision of terminating a childbirth is all up to the mother whether she wants to grow her baby or not. Women suffer from several physical and mental problems during this stage. Here's the brief introduction and measures should be taken to select the ultimate decision.

Firstly Know, What is Abortion?

Abortion is an effective method to end the pregnancy. It is a deliberate process to remove a fetus before it can live near the uterus. When pregnancy is blocked intentionally, it is considered as induced miscarriage. Medical termination and surgical termination procedures are most safe and legal abortion in India with fewer complication rates, conducts depending upon the time of pregnancy of a woman.

What are the Reasons Behind Getting an Abortion?

Choosing this decision is not an easy job but it is important for better family planning. There can be several circumstances arise in the life of a woman that let them opt for these options in her table. Some of the following reasons are:

  • Financial instability of the family or couple.
  • Inappropriate impact on health and mother's life.
  • Unwillingness to raise a child.
  • Too young to give a birth to a baby.
  • Too old to give a birth to a baby.
  • Serious relationship problems.
  • Not ready or prepared to be a parent.
  • Want to concentrate on the career in the present.

Steps to Follow After Deciding to End the Pregnancy

Be aware and act smart while consulting a medical practitioner to perform such methods. The pregnant duration of the mother decides the method to be followed as per the patient's health conditions. The location, availability, and cost are important areas that should be chosen wisely. Steps to be followed after making a decision of getting a termination:

  • Research for a suitable hospital or center for good treatment.
  • Contact and book an appointment with the doctor.
  • Confirm the pregnancy.
  • Discuss any past medical disease and debate on the queries regarding the procedure.
  • Be comfortable while going through the suggested procedure by the consultant.
  • Listen to the doctor and take a complete care of yourself.
  • Follow the advice of the doctor to make the fast recovery.

Is Surgical Abortion Safe?

This is a method of removing the tissues from the uterus or mother's womb to end the childbirth. It is a one-day procedure and is generally suggested when the mother is 14-16 weeks pregnant from the first trimester. A minor surgery is conducted by a vacuum suction tube along with pain-reducing medicines and anesthesia. It allows the mother to experience less pain and is a less complicated procedure. Surgical Abortion in India is now highly developed involving the latest technology and well-equipped operation theatres.

General Preventions to Focus on After an Abortion

Some women may experience fever, vomiting, heavy bleeding, nausea, and other health problem while some may suffer from nothing. But it is completely normal. Various steps to be taken to overcome such issues in the human body:

  • Take a proper nutritious diet for quick recovery.
  • Add exercises in the daily routine.
  • Use sanitary pads instead of tampons, menstrual cups, etc. during the menstrual cycle.
  • If any signs of infection arise, rush to the doctor immediately.
  • Go for 2-3 weeks of routine checkups to the doctor.
  • Do not intimate with the partner for at least 15 days.
  • Do not use contraceptives without discussing it with a doctor.

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