Pregnancy and Its Symptoms

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What is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the state when a female is carrying a developing embryo or fetus in her body. It stays for about nine months as per the examined date of the female’s last menstrual period (LMP). This situation is measured by the positive results of such medical tests like urine, blood, ultrasound, fetal heartbeat or an X-ray. It is divided into three trimesters which holds a great importance in this condition.

The primary part of fetal cell falls during the first trimester. It is very important to take a check on the fetal cell; any harm to it can cause miscarriage or serious issue. The fetus cannot live outside the womb. This is a very crucial stage and ends with the mother’s first perception of fetal movement. Women also suffer from morning illness which is a type of nausea that usually covers within hour duration. Mother’s body starts preparing for future nursing at this stage. Mother also faces many mental and physical changes.

In the second trimester, the fetus undergoes from the most critical phase and development process. A fetus develops in the size and the mother’s actual pregnancy stage begins from here. In the third trimester, the fetus undergoes from the final stage where the preparation for a newborn is done. It causes an increase in the weight of a mother. Some people may feel so discomfort as the fetus changes its position. Other things kept on increasing before the birth in a positive direction. Pregnancy finishes when the birth procedure starts.

It should be diagnosed well to give a birth to a healthy child. A proper medical care and the nursing facility should be given to a mother during this stage. Pregnancy treatment in Delhi is a good option to go for a quick and beneficial medical facility.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

The signs of pregnancy are usually depended upon the condition of a female body. It may fall within or after a few weeks. The most common symptoms of pregnancy include:

1. Missed Period: Missing or delay in a period is the most important factor to understand the early stage. The irregular menstrual cycle is expected to be the sign of pregnant women.

2. Tender & Swollen Breast: Due to hormonal changes in the female’s body, the breasts become sensitive and sore. It may cause discomfort for a few weeks.

3. Nausea: Morning Sickness usually starts from one month after the pregnancy process. It can be felt anytime throughout the day. Some feel it earlier or never.

4. Increased Urination: It might urinate female more often than usual. It is observed because the amount of blood is increased in the mother’s body.

5. Fatigue or Tiredness: In the early stage, due to hormonal progesterone soar makes female more sleepy than usual. In an additional, some changes can be united such as low blood sugar levels, low blood pressure, and high blood production.

6. Slight Bleeding and Cramping: A drop of spotting or vaginal bleeding is considered to be the primary sign of pregnancy. The colour of blood gets lighter than the usual menstrual cycle. Some female also faces cramps during this phase.

7. Mood Swings: Women can experience unusual emotional and physical changes. It is commonly observed in the first trimester.

8. Food Cravings: It might become little sensitive about the certain food items. Women experience a slight change in their tastes and preferences. The hormonal changes are much dramatic in the first trimester.

9. Constipation: It is the other common sign of pregnancy. The food digests more slowly due to the increase in progesterone.

It is a very crucial and important stage of every woman’s life. It should be given a proper check and given high-quality medical treatment. Giving a birth to a new life is not an easy job. The painful journey of a mother should become an everlasting experience in the hearts of a mother and her family. One should consult a doctor from the best hospital in Delhi that results in the best nursing care.

Teenage Pregnancy, Maternity & Child Care, Abortion, Infertility, etc. are the various factors which lie down during the time of pregnancy. One should consult an expert, experienced and professional doctors to get the best for them. For more information visit here:

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