Fortnite Crossplay: How to Join and Play Fortnite with Friends

by James B. software

Really, nothing can be more enjoyable than playing a favorite game with friends. It is not just about enjoyment; playing with friends is also convenient. Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games. It is a free to play game that can be played on almost all devices, such as PS4, Xbox One, computers, Nintendo Switch, and even on mobiles. The game has multiple modes including competitive, cooperative, and creative, that you can play with players.

If you are a Fortnite player, then possibly you’ll have thought about playing it with your friends. Most of the players prefer to play games with their friends instead of strangers. There can be various purposes and tactics behind this. However, inviting and playing Fortnite with friends is easy on consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. When you play the game from a console, you’ll immediately get the option to invite and play with the friends who are also on the same device. On PlayStation, you can instantly invite your PSN friends and Xbox Live friends on Xbox One. As the game can be played on multiple platforms, then you will also want to join the friends having a different device.

Here is how to join and play Fortnite with friends having different devices

How to send a friend request and add friends on Fortnite

To connect players of different devices, you have to add them via Epic Games or Fortnite. Sending a friend request to the friends having different platforms is pretty easy in Fortnite. You can also join the players you’ve played with them previously. Here is how to send a friend request and add friends on Fortnite.

1.   Start ‘Fortnite.’

2.   Then make Battle Royale, Creative, or Save the World lobby. You can add friends from any lobby, the players you add from one game will also be available on other games. If you want to play the game instantly as your friend accepts the request, then you should create the lobby in which you want to play with them.

3.   Now, click on your friend’s profile icon if you’re using a computer or mobile. If you’re playing on PlayStation 4, then use ‘Touchpad’ button. On Xbox One, use the ‘View’ button. And, press ‘-‘ button on the Nintendo Switch.

4.   Next, click on ‘ADD FRIENDS’ option on a computer or mobile. If you’re playing on PlayStation 4, then use ‘Square’ button of the controller. On Xbox One, use the ‘X’ button. And, press the ‘Y’ button on the Nintendo Switch.

5.   Select ‘Player’s name entering field.’ Press ‘X’ on PlayStation 4. Press ‘A’ on Xbox One. And press ‘B’ on Nintendo Switch to access the display name or email entering field.

6.   Now, enter the display name or email of your friend’s Epic Games account you want to send the friend request and proceed. In this menu, you’ll also see the player’s name suggested to you and played Fortnite with you recently. Select the player(s) from the list if you want to add them.

7.   A message saying “Friend Request Sent” will now appear above the field if the display name or email you’ve entered is correct.

This message indicates that the friend request is sent to the entered player, now the person who received your request will have to accept it to connect with you. Once the request is accepted, the player will start showing up in your friends under EPIC FRIENDS heading.

How to send a friend request and add friends on Fortnite using Epic Games app

You can also add friends without running Fortnite. Since the account you’re using in Fortnite to play the game is your Epic Games account, then you can use it too for adding friends to your game. This could be the easiest and best way to add your friends, the players added from here will be available on all the platforms. Here is how.

1.   Open ‘Epic Games’ app on your PC.

2.   Go to ‘Friends.’ Before this, you may need to sign in to your Epic Games account.

3.   Now, select ‘Add a Friend.’

4.   Enter the email or name of the friend you want to play Fortnite.

5.   Select ‘Send.’

Now, enjoy playing Fortnite with your friends.

Becky Losby is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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