How to use screen time on iPhone and iPads?

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Apple is known for offering reliable updates and the legacy was kept on as it has added a very useful feature in iOS 12. The addition is helpful in giving an insight regarding the time you use on your device. We often spend a lot of time staring at the screen of our devices which has its own cons. Users can use the Screen Time feature to control their addiction and indulge in more productive efforts. Here is how to set up and use Screen Time on iPads and iPhones

Switching On Screen Time

·         In the first step, go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone.

·         Now, locate Screen Time and tap on it.

·         Click on the option “Turn On Screen Time.”

·         After then, click on Continue.

·         In the last step, you have to select “This is My iPhone.”

Using Screen Time

Once you are finished with setting up Screen Time, then you must be eager to know the steps about using it. 

·         Go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone.

·         Locate and click on the option of Screen Time.

·         Then, click on “Use Screen time Passcode.”

·         In the further step, you have to enter a 4-digit passcode.

·         Re-enter the 4-digit passcode.

Pursue the given steps if you wish to turn off or modify the passcode:

·         Go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone.

·         Look for Screen time and tap on it.

·         Further, click on Change Screen Time Passcode.

·         You have to make choice from the menu between the options like Turn Off Screen Time Passcode and Change Screen Time Passcode.

·         You have to enter the passcode when asked.

Combining Screen Time 

Screen Time offers numerous additional features such as combining the function across multiple devices. If you wish to combine the Screen Time across multiple iOS devices, then follow the given steps:

·         Go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone.

·         Locate Screen time and then tap on it.

·         Then, go to Share Across Devices to switch it on.

·         This enables you to combine the Screen Time of your all devices.

  Setting up Downtime on your iPhone

Since Downtime allows you to schedule some of your time away from the screen, so knowing the steps would be of much use for you. You can use some apps and phone calls during the period of downtime.

·         Locate “Settings” on iphone.

·         Click on “Screen Time” after scrolling down.

·         Look for the “Downtime” option and click on it.

·         After turning the Toggle to On, you have to select the days you wish for Downtime.

·         You have to choose the option between Customize days or Every Day.

·         After then, you have to fill From and To times of your choice.

Setting up Time Limits on Certain Apps

If you are using some apps continuously and want to set some limitation of time on these apps, then App limit is the best option. The steps are following:-

·         Go to Settings and click on the option of  “Screen Time”.

·         You will get the option of  “App limit.”

·         Click on this option.

·         Click on Add Limit after which you will see the two categories.

·         You have to make a choice between these two categories in order to apply the time limit which are :

·         In iOS12, there is no option of app limit.

·         You will get this facility in iOS13 where an individual app can be chosen by clicking on the arrow to limit the time.

·         Now, you need to click on “Next” button and then choose the duration of time you wish to allot in selected categories for all your apps.

·         Then choose the selected Days.

·         In order to save your time limits, click on the “Add” option.

Setting up always available access to certain apps

If you are very much comfortable with certain apps and wish the availability of access to these apps always, then the further steps are very much useful for you.

·         Go to Settings on your phone and scroll down.

·         Look for  “Screen Time” option and click on it.

·         You will get the option of  “Always Allowed.”Click on this option.

·         You need to click on the green “+” button on the preferred app.

·         If you want to limit the always availability of any app then click on the Red-button.

Setting up content & privacy restrictions to block inappropriate content

If you are not pleased with some contents and find it inappropriate, then you can block such contents by following some easy steps.

·         Go to Settings on your phone and scroll down.

·         Go to “Screen Time” option and click on it.

·         You will get the option of Content and Privacy Restrictions. Click on this option.

·         Switch the toggle to On and then click on the option you wish to change.

·         You need to choose between “Allow changes or Don’t allow changes”.

Setting up Communication limits in iOS 13.3

This is a peculiar feature provided by Apple in iOS13.3 that enables you to limit the time of your communication whenever you communicate to the people through phone, messages, Face time and AirdropYou can follow these easy steps to enable this facility on your iPhone.

·         Go to Settings and click on  “Screen Time”.

·         Then click on Communication Limits.

·         Click on “During Allowed Screen Time” to choose your settings where you will get the options which include: Contacts Only or Everyone.

·         You can also tap on  “Allow Introductions in Groups” which allows you to add people to group conversations but only if your contacts or a member of your family is in that group.

·         You can choose setting for ” During Downtime” which could be for either “specific contacts or Everyone”.

·         In case, you are choosing Specific Contacts, then click on ” Add contacts”.

·         You have to select the method and need to choose from the options such as: Choose From My Contacts, Choose From x name’s contacts.

·         In case, you are not able to choose from the options, then click on “Add New Contact”.

Turning off Screen Time

·         Go to Settings and scroll down.

·         Look for Screen Time and click on it.

·         Finally, click on Turn off Screen Time option.

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