How to beat Android 20 in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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The immense popularity of the Dragon Ball Z franchise compelled Cyber Connect 2 to develop a virtual world of it. The game was released in the initial week of January 2020 and in a couple of weeks, it has acquired enormous acclamation through several gamers. The game’s various aspects are similar to today’s genre games because its objective is merely based on the RPG category. However, its story and characters are being derived through the original franchise.

The game contains several activities for the players to perform such as Eatingexploring and training. The major factor that lures the fans towards the game is to revive old battles in today’s time. The battle of Android 20 is the topmost among gamers’ list of reviving battles. However, the battle of Android 20 is proven to be a bit hard for gamers and therefore, we have brought this blog to help them.

Android 20

Before initiating the strategy to tackle Android 20, lets first know about him. The boss will appear in front of the Z-fighters while they are roaming in the Android Saga. The original form of android 20 is Dr. Gero and it possesses several potent weapons that are comprised of robotic and Energy absorptions. Alongside this, there are several more weapons and attacks that Android 20 could use against your character Piccolo. Below we have provided a specific strategy to dodge his attacks.

Strategy to Beat Android 20

The best strategy to beat the bosses in RPG games is to first know about all the attacks of the boss. Thus, here we will highlight all the potent moves and weapons of Android 20. Gamers need to be aware while reading these moves because they are pretty essential for the accomplishment of victory against Android 20.

·         Photon Wave: It is one of the strongest attacks of Android 20 which inflicts damage through a beam of the blaze. Gamers need to be aware of this move by trying to focus on Android 20 and when he begins to emit Red light that means he is going to execute this move. Gamers need to immediately switch their place to dodge this move.

·         Energy Drain: This is a potent attack of Android 20 in which he absorbs all the energy of its enemy. The energy absorption can cause gamers up to 50,000 deductions in their health. The best way to dodge this move is by keeping a heavy dosage of health for Piccolo.

·         Mode of Commence Absorption: This is more than an ability rather than move and it grants Android 20 to absorb the Ki attack of the players instantly. Thus, it is a prominent ability for Android 20 and gamers can identify this move of Android 20 by the emission of White aura before the attack.

·         Counter Move: The attack resembles a lot with Photon Wave and the only difference between both of them is that in this move, Android 20 inflict damage through his kick. The only best resort to dodge this potent kick of Android 20 is to maintain a distance from him alongside try to change your standing location in the arena quickly.

·         Energy Balls: The Move allows Android 20 to throw numerous fireballs on the players and these balls are so hazardous that they can easily slay the player in its one-shot touch. However, there is a flaw in this attack of Android 20 which proves to be pretty favorable for the players and it is that Android 20 throws these balls at a specific distance. So, Gamers can easily dodge this move by standing at a far distance from Android 20 while he executes this attack.

Now that gamers have probably got an idea about all the attacks and the ability of Android 20. Thereafter, the gamers require to use its Ki blast alongside other attacks consecutively to stun the beast. Besides being offensive, gamers need to have pretty confident about their dodging move.


The article here is to feed the gamers with information on one of the perks of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Android 20 is a powerful boss of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and gamers need to prepare a strategy for killing it.

 In the end, we hope that you will avail of this article successfully and if you are new to the virtual world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, then you can play it on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.

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