How to use conditioner and shampoo?

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Hair wash is an essential step for a hair care routine and basic hygiene that people must follow. If you don't wash your hair, it will become greasy and smell bad. Hair wash is much more than just cleaning the hair. Everyone loves healthy and long locks. If your hair looks dull, dry, and damaged even after hair wash, then you must scroll down to know the right way of using shampoo and conditioner.

First, we will talk about shampoo. There are numerous hair shampoo available in the market, like Ayurvedic herbal hair shampoo, natural hair shampoo, black hair shampoo, and many more. 

What is shampoo?

It is a hair product that is a gelatinous liquid used for cleaning the hair and scalp. Our scalp produces sebum which is water-insoluble, which means it cannot be mixed with water. Sometimes our scalp produces excessive amounts of sebum, and water alone is not able to remove it. That's why there is a need for hair shampoo.

What are the benefits of hair shampoo?

There are many benefits of using shampoo. The shampoo contains beneficial ingredients which make your hair better. Some of the benefits of shampoo are:

  1. It helps to fight dry and oily scalp.

  2. It prevents itchiness, redness, and irritation of the scalp.

  3. It purifies the hair and scalp.

  4. It provides nourishment and moisture to the hair.

  5. It reduces dandruff.

Types of hair shampoo available in the market

Choosing the right kind of shampoo is really important. There are many hair shampoos available in the market, so you have to choose a good quality product. It is quite confusing and difficult to choose the right one from a wide range of options. That's why there is a list of different types of shampoos according to hair types:

  1. Shampoo for dry hair

  2. Shampoo for frizzy hair

  3. Shampoo for color-treated hair

  4. Shampoo for dandruff

  5. Shampoo to add volume to the hair

  6. Shampoo for oily hair

  7. Black hair shampoo

  8. Ayurvedic herbal hair shampoo

  9. Natural Hair shampoo

Now, you can choose accordingly. Choose the right shampoo and enjoy beautiful and healthy-looking hair.

How to use shampoo?

Shampooing your hair in the right way is important. 

  • The first step is to detangle your hair tresses with a wide-toothed comb.

  • Now, wet the hair with lukewarm water.

  • Before applying shampoo, take a small amount of shampoo and dilute it into water.

  • Apply shampoo on the hair and scalp.

  • Gently massage it for a few minutes with your fingers.

  • Now, rinse off your hair with normal/cold water.


  • Don't apply shampoo on hair only, your scalp needs care too.

  • Don't rinse off the shampoo with hot or warm water.

  • Don't use excessive amounts of shampoo.

  • Don't comb your hair right after hair wash.

Just like the shampoo, conditioning your hair is also essential. 

What is a conditioner?

Conditioning is the second step of hair wash after shampooing it. Conditioner is also a hair care product that is a moisturizing agent. It restores moisture and makes hair soft. It hydrates hair after shampoo. A conditioner is used to restore those components or hair quality that is lost by shampooing.

What are the benefits of a conditioner?

Some of the benefits of a conditioner:

  1. It smoothes out the hair in a silky texture.

  2. It moistures and repairs damaged hair cuticles.

  3. It reduces split ends and hair breakage.

  4. It makes hair manageable.

  5. It restores resilience, flexibility, and hair strength.

  6. It prevents dry, frizzy, and damaged hair.

  7. It replenishes oil and moisturises the hair.

  8. It hydrates and nourishes hair locks.

Types of conditioners available in the market

You should choose a conditioner according to your hair type. There are many conditioners available in the market, so you have to choose a good quality conditioner. Here is a list of types of conditioners available:

  • Conditioner for normal hair

  • Conditioner for frizzy hair

  • Conditioner for curly hair

  • Conditioner for color-treated hair

Now, you can choose accordingly. Choose the right conditioner and enjoy beautiful and bouncy-looking hair.

How to use a conditioner?

Conditioning your hair is an important step of the hair care routine. Follow these steps to condition the hair:

  • Wash your hair well with shampoo and water before applying a conditioner.

  • Take the recommended amount of conditioner on hand.

  • Spread the conditioner evenly on your hair. 

  • Don't apply conditioner on the scalp.

  • Massage the hair for a few minutes with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

  • Leave it for the recommended time.

  • Rinse off hair thoroughly with normal water.

After hair wash, everyone should use a conditioner as shampoo removes the naturally produced conditioner known as sebum.


  • Don't apply conditioner on the hair scalp.

  • Don't use cold water to rinse off hair after applying conditioner.

  • Don't rub your hair with a towel.

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