5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Attar

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Attar, also known as Ittar, gives you a sweet fragrance and aroma. Attar is derived from botanical plant extracts, and Attar is free of alcohol and chemicals, a natural perfume oil-based product. Attar is obtained from the distillation of flowers in water under heat and pressure (also known as hydro-distillation). 

It was made by mixing flowers into vegetable oil or water in ancient times. The flowers slowly get infused with oil with a charming fragrance with time. Later, they are stored in bottles. Many attars have medicinal properties. People use warm Attars, such as Oudh, in winters as they believe that Attars help to increase body temperature.

Similarly, cold Attars such as Jasmine are preferred in summers to keep the body cool and fresh. Attar can be classified into floral and herbal attars. Attar is made from pure essential oils, perfume oils, and aromatic ingredients. Attar stands for elegance, stylish, simple yet modern and unique.

How to use Attar?

Apply it on your palm or inner wrist. Dab the Attar behind your earlobe with your wrists before it dries. The Attar will dry in a few minutes, leaving the charming and soothing fragrance behind. Attar can be used with aromatic vapour lamps by adding a few drops of attar in water. It is also used in milk for fragrance.

It is used in unscented oil to massage the body for relaxation. Attars can be directly applied to the body and clothes for fragrance. During many ceremonies and rituals, it is used for Puja Offerings. It helps treat headaches, body pains, asthma and many more ailments.

Benefits of using Attar

Attar has many benefits apart from smelling good. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Extension of personality:

Attar fragrance helps to capture the attention of the people around you. It has a strong and long-lasting fragrance and chisels out your persona whenever you need to take centre stage. Unlike perfumes, Attars are made of essential oils.

   2. Enhance the mood:

It is aromatherapy as its natural oils have a fragrance, enhancing your mood. It works in relieving stress, and its lasting aroma makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is perfect for all occasions, be it at a party, a business meeting or a date.

   3. Medicinal benefits:

It helps to cure headaches as many Attars have medicinal properties like peppermint helps cure headaches, menthol helps relax muscles and ease the pain, etc.

   4. Boost confidence:

It helps to boost confidence as its fragrance creates more effects on the mood. The fragrance you love and are comfortable with gives you the confidence to carry yourself.

   5. Works as aromatherapy:

Attars work as aromatherapy as it is made of natural ingredients. Aromatherapy helps heal problems through aroma such as depression, stress, etc.  

There are many attar manufacturers are in the market, so choose a good quality and chemical-free Attar. Make sure to check the ingredients before buying Attar.

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