How To Pick The Best Blue Blocking Glasses For Insomnia?

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Today’s smart devices provide us with multiple benefits and conveniences for both work and leisure. But did you know these benefits come at a very dangerous cost? Blue light emitted from your devices wreck your sleep cycles, but blue light blocking glasses come to your rescue. So, in this article, we talk about how you can choose your pair wisely.

Blue Light and Insomnia

The circadian rhythm is responsible for regulating your sleep and wake cycles. This internal clock prepares you to sleep at the right times and wake up at the correct times. The light here plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the biological clock. When the sun’s out, it sends signals to your brain through the retina to be awake and alert. When it’s dark, the hypothalamus produces melatonin, signaling you to sleep.

Coming to blue light, this is a high energy, short-wavelength visible light that’s most emitted by electronic devices and appliances. Your brain senses blue light as sunlight, which is excellent during the daytime. But prolonged exposure in the night is when blue light becomes harmful and causes sleep-related problems like insomnia.

This isn’t just another myth doing rounds on the internet. Various studies suggest how excessive blue light exposure leads to poor sleep.

The good news, however, is that you can take steps to minimize your blue light exposure. If you cannot limit your screen time, wearing blue-blocking glasses for insomnia proves useful.

Choosing the Best Blue Blocking Glasses

When the brain interprets blue light as the sun’s light, blue-blocking glasses help you feel in tune, especially when it’s not daytime. So consider these factors and shop the best for yourself:

  • Precise Range

Best quality blue blockers note the total percentage of light they block along with the particular wavelength range. Therefore it is best to pick glasses that obstruct at least 90 percent blue light to make the most use of the product.

  • Correct Positioning

If the lenses are poorly positioned, they do no good for your vision, rather harm your eyes even more. Over the counter glasses too offer what you may not need. So invest in a quality pair that would be designed, keeping in mind the precise pupillary distance to help you see well.

  • Right Magnification

Some blue blockers come with magnification options. To determine your correct reading power with the help of a diopter test (printable chart for online services) or try different in-store glasses. This allows you a comfortable viewing without further tiring the eyes.

  • Material Options

While buying a pair of high-quality blue blockers, you must know if it’s made of cheap plastic or durable material like polycarbonate or metal. The former may be lightweight and not last much longer. Such drugstore glasses are low-cost but not suitable for the actual purpose. There are break-resistant, heat-resistance, and scratch-proof glasses as well that may be priced more than drugstore products but may still fit in your budget and offer long-term use.

  • Design Specs

Blue blockers are indeed a safe and economical option to block out the adverse effects of intense blue light exposure. But fret not, it isn’t a boring choice; you can pick from a variety of frame colors, head sizes, styles, and range. You can look out for these specs to cater to your particular design needs and shop for an appropriate pair.

We hope this information helps you buy the correct pair that enables you to get plenty of sleep, and the rest your eyes need.

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