How to Make Sure Your Vehicle Tyres are Ready for Winters?

by Forza Tyres Auto Garage

As per a survey conducted by the DVSA in 2018, road accidents in the UK increased by 25% in the winter months.

Automobile experts have revealed that faulty tyres are primarily responsible for the increased number of motor accidents during winters. As your car tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, its maintenance is essential, especially when chilly weather strikes.

Therefore, to help you avoid any calamities this winter, it’s worth questioning yourself on the following aspects of your tyres.

  1. Do your tyres have sufficient grip?

Irrespective of the time of year, it’s a legal requirement to maintain at least 1.6mm of tread depth. However, automobile consultants recommend having a minimum of 3mm of tread depth for the best performance of tyres. It’s best to check your tyres tread depth from a local garage that diagnoses Tyres Peterborough.

Moreover, sufficient tread on tyres ensures extra traction. On icy roads, a few extra millimetres of tread can make a significant difference. Furthermore, a test conducted by MIRA has shown the difference in stopping distance between comparable tyres with 3mm and 1.6mm tread depth can be as high as 44%.

  1. Did you check your tyre pressure?

Most motorists in the UK, harbour a misconception –

Lowering the tyre pressure in cold months boosts safety as it increases the contact area with the road.

You’re wrong!

Dropping tyre pressure doesn’t provide any extra grip; instead, it negatively impacts the handling. Therefore, keep your tyres properly inflated at all times for optimum grip and minimising chances of blowouts. In the case of tyre blowouts, replace it immediately from a garage that sells high-quality tyres in Peterborough.

Also, drop by at any professional service station like Forza Tyres for tyre pressure check after every couple of weeks.

  1. How’s your tyre’s overall condition?

In the colder months, it’s essential to check your tyres’ overall condition regularly. Any signs of cuts or bulges on tyre sidewall shouldn’t be ignored. Moreover, check for signs of splits, scuffs and uneven wear and tear. Upon noticing any signs of damage, bring it to a service station for tyre repair in Peterborough.

  1. Should you swap your regular tyres with winter tyres?

Typical summer or all-season tyres function poorly in freezing weather. It is caused by rubber stiffening up as temperature drops.

On the contrary, winter tyres contain rubber compounds with high silica content, that remains soft even under extreme cold weather. They also exhibit deeper grooves and sipes built into their tread. This feature improves –

  • Road contact on snow-covered roads

  • Braking

  • Overall handling experience

Thus, it is mandatory you swap your regular tyres with high-performance winter tyres before the cold sets in. You can get them from any reputed garage that sells high-quality winter tyres in Peterborough.

However, if you reside in remote areas, and demand extra reassurance in the winter months, you could opt for ultra-high performance all-season tyres. You can get them at any local garage that sells tyres in Peterborough.

Should you consider buying snow chains?

In treacherous wintry conditions, fitting snow chains to your tyres provide an added level of traction. They’re high-grip fabric covers designed to withstand extreme icy roads. But, using them in mild winter months could damage your tyres instead.

Moreover, they're meant to be operated only at low speeds. In case, it punctures your tyre or wears it off quickly; you get them fixed from any workshop that offers tyre repair in Peterborough

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