Here’s How You Can Store Your Summer Tyres during the Winters

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In the UK and across Europe, people generally use 2 sets of tyres every year. These include a set of summer tyres and another set of winter wheels.

Summer tyres have a soft rubber composition, ideal for use on dry and hot tarmac. Winter tyres have harder rubber silica-based compositions, suitable for driving on snowy and sleety roads. The latter type may have metal or ceramic studs on the surface for much-necessary traction.

That means for as long as winter lasts, your summer tyres remain unused. How can you protect and store them better so that next year, they perform equally well? Read on!

Storing summer tyres in winter

The easiest way to maintain tyres for years to come is to store them properly. The most common scientific steps that experts recommend are as follows –

  1. Store tyres in a dry area: Tyres must always be stored in a dry area, free from moisture. Tyre racks are nowadays available, each capable of storing 4-5 units. You can easily purchase a rack and use it.

  2. Keep them indoors: Cars and tyres are best kept indoors. Ideally, you must park your vehicle inside a garage, and keep your spare set of wheels alongside. In case you do not have a garage, you can rent one from your local service station. Most often, car service stations also rent out garage space. If you stay around the city of Maidstone, you can visit garages like AN Tyres. They also provide a range of automotive services and other OEM products.

  3. Keep tyres away from chemicals: Any type of solvent-based chemicals is detrimental for a tyre’s health. Paints, lubricants, and thinners all have dissolved solvents, most of which are alkaline. They will permanently damage the tyre rubber. Never store your vehicle’s tyres in a car servicing area, typically awash with solvents.

  4. Store similar tyres together: Never confuse old and new tyres. Even winter and summer or all-season tyres should never be stored together to avoid confusion considering that the only way you can differentiate between them is with sidewall markings, supposed to be worn-out by now. Experts also recommend that when you buy new Tyres Rochester or anywhere else in the UK, you should purchase a new set instead. Replace all four wheels simultaneously.

  5. Maintain proper tyre pressure: Once in storage, tyre pressure starts to fall gradually. Use a handheld pressure monitor to determine how much depletion has occurred. Then consult the car owner’s manual to make out what the recommended pressure level is. Refill accordingly.

  6. Periodic visual inspections are a must: It is necessary that you inspect the stored tyres from time to time. Look out for any visible damage to the external surface. If you find any debris like nails sticking out, remove them immediately. Also, keep a close eye on the tyre pressure valve. They should be free from dirt, grime and debris. It is always advisable to seek professional expertise when you go to change your Tyres Leeds.

You now have some idea of how to store tyres properly. Remember to abide by them strictly. Run each set for at least a couple of seasons.

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