How the MOT Helps Motorists Save Money in the Long Run

by Forza Tyres Auto Garage

Let’s admit it- a majority of us care less for car maintenance than the incumbent US President cares for the environment. In most cases, it’s the fear of MOT that keeps us in line.

The traditional narrative is that the MOT helps maintain the roadworthiness of a vehicle. While that is the primary objective of an MOT test in Peterborough, one oft-overlooked benefit is that it also enables you to save money in the long run.

How you ask?

Let’s view MOT through a different lens.

How MOT helps save money?

Even the most novice motorist surely knows that a well-maintained car is also cost-effective. There are primarily two ways in which you can save money on your car- by saving fuel and by avoiding the cost of repairs. MOT helps in both.

A look at the various parts covered under the MOT in Peterborough reveals how it’s a massively useful procedure as far as cost-cutting is involved.


There are various checkpoints related to tyres covered under the MOT. Tyre tread depth is one of the crucial aspects checked during an MOT Peterborough. Adequate tread depth is necessary for tyres to exert road grip and resist aquaplaning.

In the new set of rules implemented in 2018, inflation pressure check is also included in the purview of this test. Maintaining tyre inflation pressure according to the manufacturer’s specification helps in saving fuel.

Each under-inflated tyre consumes 3-4% more fuel on average. Compound it with all four tyres, and you are staring at a massively inflated fuel bill every year. You can save up for an engine mod by merely inflating your tyres to the appropriate levels!

If it seems that your tyres are unable to retain their inflation pressure, it may be time to replace them. You may buy a set of new tyres from reputable garages like Forza Tyres. They have a massive selection of tyres from all the reputed brands like Continental and Michelin.


The MOT is exceptionally stern about exhaust emissions, especially in diesel cars. Any visible smoke from your car’s tailpipe will immediately render your vehicle un-roadworthy according to MOT standards.

One of the primary reasons for exhaust, smoke is either leakage from its pipes or the engine burning a rich fuel mixture. Both these phenomena are responsible for excess consumption of fuel. You may save the cost of this additional fuel if your car is ready for its MOT in Peterborough at all times.


There is a third possibility as well which doesn’t fall under the purview of either fuel saving or repair costs- resell value. The used car market in the UK is humungous. Over 2 million cars change hands every year.

Given that fact, it is quite likely that you may consider selling your car at some point in the future. The first thing that a potential seller sees is the physical condition of the vehicle. Any scratches or dents are sure to bring down its resale value by quite a few notches.

These are a few ways how being prepared for the MOT test in Peterborough can help you save (or earn) some extra money from your car. You get to stay safe on the road while saving quite a few Pounds by keeping your car prepared for its MOT. It’s a big win-win.

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