Find out About the Importance of Lagna or Ascendant in Astrology!

by Astroyogi Seo best astrologer

The system of Vedic astrology is very ancient, with a history dating back to 5000 years. It is so old that many astrology techniques in the world stemmed from it. In Vedic or Hindu astrology, the solar system is mainly divided into 9 planets (Navagrahas), 27 Stars (Nakshatras), and 12 zodiac signs (Rashi). 

A Kundli or Janam Kundali or Horoscope is the 30-degree division of 360 degrees of the entire universe, which gives 12 houses or divisions of 30 degrees in which each of the zodiac signs are placed. In Vedic astrology, a sign is called a Rashi or a Janma Rashi. A Rashi is the zodiac sign in which the Moon was transiting through when a person was born. For example, the Moon was in transit in the Leo sign when you were born; hence Leo is your Moon sign. Similarly, a Sun sign is the zodiac sign in which the Sun is transiting at the time of the native’s birth.  

However, another important sign in astrology is the Lagna or Rising Sun or Ascendant, which is considered very important in Vedic astrology. In fact, a Lagna is given more importance than a Moon sign and Sun sign while determining a person’s horoscope.

Want to know what a Lagna is? Read on. You can also get in touch with some good live astrologers through online portals such as Astroyogi to find some good astrologers, such as the astrologer in Kolkata, to guide you about your Janma Lagna.

A Lagna or Ascendant is the sign (from Aries to Pisces) where the Sun was rising on the eastern horizon at the time when a person was born. Lagna changes approximately every two hours, and thus it gives the most accurate predictions. It’s quite interesting to know that two different people may have the same Moon sign, but they will not likely have the same Lagna. Similarly, two people may have the same Sun sign, but the Lagna may differ. It is so because the Sun completes its transit in one zodiac sign in 30 days, and the Moon stays in one sign for about two and a half days compared to Lagna, which changes phase in the zodiac chart every two hours.

The Lagna in your Kundali and Its Significance

The Lagna is the 1st House in a horoscope, and likewise, the other houses follow suit in an anti-clockwise direction. The Ascendant is connected to all the houses in the birth chart, and therefore it works as the base of astrological readings. All the important calculations are made based on an individual’s Lagna sign in their birth chart. The 1st House or 1st Bhava in your horoscope/kundali indicates your individuality and therefore, it represents your inner self, and personality. 

A Lagna is how the world perceives you, and it’s like your first impression to the world. The Lagna and its ruling lord are very important because they represent the self of the person. An Ascendant can reveal crucial details about you like your physical appearance, childhood, thoughts, health, and other key areas of life, which are usually related to your personal self. 

Now that you have a brief knowledge about Lagna or the Ascendant, learn more about it in detail through an astrologer. A Lagna can indeed give you in-depth and precise information about your life, but it also depends on the astrologers' skill to interpret the correct information. Therefore, you must consult a reliable astrologer. There are many that you can reach out to through trusted online portals like Astroyogi. You can easily browse through Astroyogi’s website or app and search for a famous astrologer in Kolkata and get excellent consultations.

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