How to Find Success in Parental Business By Birth Chart?

by Vinay Singh Writer

The amount of success you may or may achieve in your business, whether parental business or self-made, depends upon a lot of factors. Anybody can start a business or if you have an ancestral venture, you can join it at any time. But it isn’t a universal factor that success in parental business by birth chart is the true indicator of whether you will achieve the desired level of growth in your chosen trade or not. Starting a business and sustaining it are two different things but both are guided by your astrological disposition. In case of every businessman of this world, there is a house responsible for family business’ rate of growth and there are certain astrological combinations suitable for business growth, including the one run by the family.

To start with, you need to understand that astrology works differently for different aspects of a businessman’s working life. Therefore, different planets and different houses in your birth-chart spell success or failure for different aspects of a business – its launch, its day-to-day operations, and eventual success. There are totally different astrological combinations suitable for business growth in case of a parental venture. In any case, success in parental business by birth chart gives clear indications of what lies in store for you.

Let us begin by checking what different houses in your horoscope say about your chances of success or failure in family-owned business -

1)      2nd House – This house indicates whether you will or won’t be able to add to your family-owned businesses’ wealth, success or power. In case you’ve been adopted or separated from your birth parents, an experienced astrologer would check the 9th House in your horoscope. In this house, the natural ruler, Venus, will be analysed for any malefic effect on the prospects of your parental business, including your role in it.

2)      3rd House – The house for siblings as well as cousins, you need a favorable arrangement here in order to become successful in your parental business. The position of planets Mercury and Mars is checked specifically with regard to this house in order to check whether your astrological chart is compatible or not to that  of your brother(s), who would invariably be business partners with you.

3)      4th House – This is the house of your mother and represents your state of mind, including your emotional capability. If this house is in the Dashamsthan, which means in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, or is associated with malefic planets, you will have lower chances of success in the parental business.

4)      5th House – Astrologers consider this house as the house of the soul and Sun is its natural ruler. If Sun is in a strong position in the 5th House, it encourages your creativity as well as your ability to enhance your legacy, which can only mean it is a good indicator of success in a family-owned business.

5)      9th House – A significant house, with respect to ancestors, the 9th House, being in a good position, indicates a person’s success in parental business.

In addition to analyzing the positions of the aforementioned houses, astrologers are also known to study the position of the parents’ astrological combinations from the D-40 & D-45 charts so that an in-depth reading of the family’s karmas can be achieved for more comprehensive predictions.

Success in parental business by birth chart is not easy to come by. Just because your ancestors or your parents attained success in a family-owned venture, doesn’t mean that you would follow in their footsteps. Therefore, it is important to consult business astrology to find out what your prospects are and then work in the suitable direction only, without wasting your efforts anywhere else.

Business astrology is a specific branch of Vedic Astrology that studies, analyses and interprets the astrological combinations present in your birth chart, including house responsible for success in family business. Excellent astrologers like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can guide you properly if you want to know about success in parental business by birth chart.  If you need help to navigate this complex world, you can connect with him on or contact his office on +91 9278665588/9278555588. 

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