Which Paper Is best For Board Book Printing?

by Fanny zeng Chinese printing

board book printing

When we custom board book printing, the paper selection is the key to printing quality. Select the suitable printing paper will make your book more colorful and attractive. Today, we through 5 parts to discuss which paper is best for board book printing.

5 aspects decide the board book printing paper

1. Color reproduction

Print board book often with a lot of color images in the books. So custom print board books will have a high standard for color reproduction.

Coated one side paper (C1S) after coating and glossy, the surface with the advantage of flat, glossy and smooth. This kind of paper with high color reproduction, bright luster, uniform coating, fast ink absorption, good print ability, strong 3D effect. Even use the ordinary ink, it also can achieve the high quality printing effect.

Matte art paper, also called matte coated paper or uncoated paper. The paper’s surface is also flat and smooth. The color reproduction is the same as C1S. Use the matte art paper to print the image, the color is not glossy as C1S. But the images are more exquisite and high-end.

Offset paper is more suitable for black and white printing. If do color printing, the color reproduction is not good as C1S and matte art paper.

2. Glossy

Custom board books, if the book color is matte, it is not easier to attract the children to read. Offset paper and matte art paper are uncoated. But C1S with coating, use it to print the board books, book surface with glossy, will make the book look more bright and colorful. Compared to print the pattern on offset paper or matte art paper. Print the pattern on C1S, it is more easier to catch children’s eye.

3. Tear resistance

Offset paper is often made of low-value raw materials. Such as straw pulp, which is relatively easy to damage. Coated one side paper and matte art paper is high-density paper, which uses high-value raw materials. Such as cotton and bark, and is relatively not easy to damage. besides, coated paper has relatively high requirements for flatness and whiteness. And it looks more beautiful, smooth and white.

The readers of the board book often are little children. They just start to read and don’t know how to protect book. Besides, they have the habit of bite or tear the book. If use the offset paper to custom children’s board book printing. Once the children bite or tear the book, it is easier to damage. But coated one side paper and matte paper can prefect solve this problem. Even the children bite or tear the book, it is hard to damage.

4. Paper price

Matte art paper is thinner and whiter than coated paper, more ink-absorbing, and harder. It is not easier to deform like coated paper and offset paper. But if use matte art paper to print board books, the cost will be more high than coated paper and offset paper.

5. Board book characteristic

Printing board books often need to print one side. Because after printing, the board book binding is, mount two papers together. So its characteristic decide it doesn’t need to print double side.

To sum up, combine with the above 5 aspects. If use the matte art paper to print board books. Although it can prefect restore the artwork and not be easier to deform. But the pattern was not as bright as printed on coated one side paper. And the cost is too high. If use offset paper for board book printing, the color reproduction, glossy, tear resistance, etc is not good as coated one side paper. Thus, whether from the consideration of cost or printing effect. Coated one side paper is best for custom board book printing services. Sometimes, to make the board book look more thick. The board book printer will suggest clients to choose 1mm gray board or more thick gray board to increase the thickness.

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