How to Choose a Mobile Advertising Platform to Promote Business

by Buana Sari Digital Marketer

Growing smartphone popularity among customers has led to a whole new marketing avenue for businesses — mobile advertising. The mobile advertising tech industry has been growing exponentially, and now the market is experiencing a mushrooming of mobile advertising platforms. These provide the infrastructure for advertisers to purchase ad spots to promote businesses via mobile.

Surveys reveal that consumers are spending more than five hours on their mobile devices everyday. The subsequent increase in mobile video watch time has led to a multitude of ad platforms, providing distinct features for brands and advertisers. The top mobile advertising platforms in 2022 include AdColony, InMobi, moLotus, AdMob, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on.

It is getting tough for brands and advertisers to decide which advertising platform is best suited for achieving their advertising goals. In general, all advertising technologies will help brands to get their advertising seen. But the question is will the ads reach the desired audience at the right time and bring a positive average return on advertising spend.

Following are some of the best tips for how to choose the right mobile advertising platform to support business promotion :

1. Greater Reach

It is imperative for businesses to select mobile ad platforms offering effective reach. In a consumer world that is always online via mobile, an advertising campaign delivered via a powerful platform definitely reaches more audiences quickly.

Brands are directly reaching an unlimited number of customers via mobile ad platforms like moLotus, AdColony, InMobi, AdMob etc. It would be interesting to note that moLotus reaches millions of customers daily just in a go on their mobile devices irrespective of phone type or model. The phone may be smart, feature or i-phones.  The growing businesses can easily scale their mobile ads globally using moLotus.

2. Getting Hyper-personal

Personalization is the core of any mobile marketing campaign. It places the customer at the center of the advertising experience. Therefore, it is important for advertisers to take into consideration the personalization capability of the ad platform while undertaking the selection process.

New-age mobile advertising platforms like moLotus bring a human element to digital advertising. Remembering customers by name is crucial for expressing care for them. moLotus adverts exactly do the same by offering hyper- personalization options such as name, customized greeting, reward, etc. It uses customer profile information like name, location, demographic specifics etc. for the purpose. By creating individualized ad messages for each phase of the buyer journey, brands can reinforce customer engagement. Best of all, the spam-free hyper-personalized ads directly enter a customer's mobile inbox and stay there until deleted by the customer.

3. Targeting the Right Audience

The right mobile ad platform is the one that reaches the right target audience.  Statistics from Salesforce highlight that more performing businesses are using data-based targeting and customer segmentation via mobile in generating leads, 51% more than less performing businesses. The best mobile ad platforms including Facebook, moLotus, AdColony, etc. target customer data – from basic demographics to online behaviors, attitudes, interests and perceptions. Interestingly, by using the advanced customization capability of moLotus advertisers can customize campaigns according to multiple languages, demography, etc.. They can leverage customer data at micro-levels boosting revenue generation for businesses.

4. Big Data Analytics

Brands can create a great mobile advertising experience only after the necessary testing and tracking have been made. Therefore, a plenty of useful data analytics are offered by most ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, moLotus, AdColony, InMobi, etc. However, the quality of the analytics differ. Some tools offer extremely advanced analytics with deep customer insights. moLotus is one such platform that has best suited the requirements of top global businesses.  Using the platform brands can deeply analyze consumer behavior and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in terms of ads. This year most global businesses are shifting to moLotus’s Big-data analytics and advanced report generation.

5. Superior Customer Interaction

Mobile advertising channels have evolved from one-way communications to interactive advertising. Interactive mobile advertising platforms like moLotus are more customer-centric and dialogue-driven; adding to customer engagement, improving customer experience, and growing revenue. Businesses should embrace tools like moLotus to stay more connected with customers establishing a two-way interaction via mobile devices.  The platform offers many customer interaction options like SMS, USSD, Web Clicks, Calls and more.

6. Better Conversion and Lead Generation

Multiple mobile ad platforms are generating and converting sales leads.  But all are not equal in terms of quantity, quality of leads and conversion rates. Therefore, advertisers must be very careful in choosing a platform for lead generation.  Some of the performance oriented platforms like moLotus stand out in lead generation and conversion.

For instance, moLotus mobile video ads quickly prompt the customers to go to a website and buy a product instantly.  They are eye-catching, attracting the attention of customers and offering value. Surveys show that the non-disruptive moLotus mobile video ads are assisting brands to attract more customers to their products than any other channel. The ads can be used by start-ups to build trust among the potential customers and generate more leads in the form of name, address and other detailed customer info. Mobile ads are an excellent way of increasing product recalls. Consumers easily recall the mobile video adverts they saw within a month. Greater number of consumers buy a product or service after watching a video about it on their mobile phone.

7. Cost-effectiveness

Advertisers have set cost optimization as their key priority and are looking out for advertising platforms assisting them in achieving the priority. Creation of effective campaigns on a shoestring budget is now a possibility with innovative mobile advertising channels.  Channels like Facebook, InMobi, have tried to come up with cost-effective solutions but could not meet the expectations of the budget stuck advertisers. Platform like moLotus is being seen as the way to get rid of the burgeoning promotional costs. Also, the average return on ad spend (ROAS) for the mobile ad campaigns has been growing over the years for platforms like moLotus.

Using moLotus, advertisers can keep their promotional budget on track. It is the only option for them to reach customers on their mobile phones at a lower cost without involving app download or data charges.

8. Consumer trust

Advertisers should watch-out for the popularity of mobile ad platforms in order to win consumer confidence. The trust factor of advertising channels has contributed to an increase in the business volume by more than 50%. (Source:

The popularity of the platforms drive marketing ROI significantly. Researchers have concluded that consumers select and trust a product after watching a related video on their mobile phones.

More consumers are glued to mobile videos with smart content created by big brands using innovative ad platforms like moLotus, AdColony, etc. adding to their appeal among them. Other brands also should follow their footsteps and embrace these popular platforms.

9. Advertising Formats

Rich media ad formats have become indispensable for brand promotion. Several mobile ad tools like moLotus, InMobi, etc. utilize an amalgamation of innovative formats, including audio, video, slides, images and much more.

It is quite interesting to observe how advertisers are using rich advertising formats for brand storytelling. Facebook and Instagram’s carousel ad format is a good way to tell brand stories and generate leads. moLotus rich media ads go beyond to enhance story-telling. It offers a number of unique rich media formats including video, slideshow, brochure, greeting, and showcase. Advertisers can make use of product pictures, voice-over and music for creating adverts in the form of visually appealing storyboards delivered to customer’s mobile phones. These ads are cost-effective and interactive and are most preferred by brands because of their best engagement rate.

10. Advanced Automation                     

Mobile advertising channels extensively use automation but to varied degrees. Channels like  AdColony, InMobi, moLotus, AdMob, Google Ads transform every aspect of ad creation and delivery into an automated system. However, all brands need to do is to adopt the right tool with the right automation capability. 

Interestingly, a tool like moLotus having a powerful automation API can be used to create end-to-end automated ad campaigns. Advertisers can choose to earn high margin revenues by automating mobile campaigns. With the evolving marketing automation technology, the breakthrough automation capabilities of moLotus technology are meeting the expectations of advertisers.


Mobile advertising platforms have tremendous potential for business promotion. Every platform has its own importance and works differently for different business scenarios.  Platforms like moLotus are working closely with big brands in creating innovative mobile campaigns and enhancing life-time revenues. The secret to choosing the right platform or set of platforms is by knowing the customer better. Choose wisely!

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