How to Use Mobile Marketing to Promote Business

by Buana Sari Digital Marketer

Businesses are in continuous search for new ways to attract and engage their customers. In order to gain competitive advantage in a volatile market, they need to go beyond the usual promotional methods.

Promoting businesses via mobile has been one of the most promising ways for marketers seeking maximum ROI. Mobile promotion is fast becoming an integral part of digital marketing activities for global businesses. In recent years more brands want to appeal to potential customers who rely on smartphones for researching and buying products and services.

Just like any other promotional method, mobile marketing needs to be done the right way. After all, for advertisers it is an investment that must pay off handsomely when they give it the right amount of resources. Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching targeted customers on their mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices, via mobile technologies like web, email, SMS, MMS, social media, and apps. Recently mobile promotion has witnessed large-scale disruption with the advent of new-age technology like moLotus.

With new tools & technologies round the corner, mobile promotion can do wonders for boosting brand value and demand generation by embracing mobile to connect with more customers in real time at any point in the customer journey.

Mobile usage is also growing rapidly. In 2021 market researchers estimated that U.S. adults spent a whopping 3 hours and 54 minutes per day on their mobile devices(Source : AdRoll). Upward-trending mobile usage is conspicuous with customers spending more time browsing product catalogs and adding products to their carts via mobile devices. They are also communicating with brands on social media, reading and writing reviews, and clicking on ads on mobile devices.

With mobile becoming more essential than ever, you can use mobile marketing in the following ways to promote your business :

1. Reward Loyal Customers

It costs up to 5 times more to get new customers than it does to maintain the existing ones. This makes customer loyalty vital for business growth as improving customer retention has a favorable impact on profit. Loyal customers are cherished by all businesses.

The question arises: How can businesses promote loyalty? The answer is by bringing out mobile-based loyalty & reward programs for customers. About 75 percent of customers more actively participate and engage with loyalty programs if accessible via mobile devices (Source : CodeBroker Loyalty Research Report)

Research reveals that well-crafted and managed reward campaigns run via mobile marketing platforms like moLotus, AdColony, OptinMonster, HubSpot, etc. can be of great assistance. moLotus loyalty campaigns have improved customer experience with big brands. Building strong rapport, the loyalty & reward campaigns have offered a strong reason for consumers to stay in touch with brands and provide their contact info from time to time. They have engaged a mammoth customer-base via customized rewards, converting them into new leads time and again.

2. Enhancing Reach

There is no excuse: if mobile is not at the core of a brand's promotion strategy, it is time to adapt. Mobile devices are fast becoming the most popular gadget for customers.  It is imperative for businesses to reach and attract this massive customer base with high conversion potential.

Brands should use mobile marketing platforms to reach a huge audience. If latest trends are to be believed, big brands are using the new-age moLotus breakthrough technology, offering the most extensive reach and scalability. Brands are capable of promoting their products and services directly reaching customer’s mobile inbox, no matter what the phone type or model they are using. It is important to note that moLotus is a spam-free platform and doesn't require any app or data plan.  Other mobile tools like InMobi, AdColony, AdRoll also offer reach but less in comparison to moLotus.

3. Hyper-personalized Marketing

The prevalence of mobile customer data has provided businesses with deep insights into customer hyper-context information and brings ample opportunities for marketers to design more personalized promotional strategies and campaigns. Big brands are integrating granular mobile customer data with mobile marketing technologies to develop a framework of personalized mobile campaigns.

For instance, the new-age moLotus mobile promotion campaigns offer personalization options such as name, customized greeting, reward, etc. Businesses can create hyper-personalized promo offers and engage their customer base better and capture more leads. Personalization can be done based on customer data & intelligence via moLotus. No app, no data plan involved in the process!

Social networking mobile apps like Facebook and Google are using their user data and user account information to provide personalized advertisements. However, they are not meeting the customers expectations with limited levels of personalization.

4. Rich Media Marketing

Mobile screens are small but mighty when it comes to grabbing millennial customers’ attention. Rich media, especially mobile videos are becoming popular customers and are the best way to promote brands. According to videos bring 78% of all mobile traffic by 2019, and 50% of those video views happened on mobile devices. Of all minutes watched on YouTube, 40% is on smartphones, which presents an opportunity for brand marketers (Source : Think With Google).

Several brands have been depending on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram mobile videos for promoting brand stories and generating leads. A platform like moLotus has disrupted mobile video promotion for brands looking forward to further enhancing story-telling.

Leveraging mobile videos for business promotion attracts more customers, generates more leads and eventually converts the leads. For businesses looking for mobile video marketing tools it would be best to embrace modern platforms like moLotus. They can easily incorporate storytelling for brand promotion and lead generation. The best part is via moLotus marketers can create high quality mobile videos up to 40 sec.

moLotus offers multiple rich media formats other than videos like greeting, brochure, slideshow and showcase. Brand marketers are adding product pictures, voice-over and music to their promo campaigns.

5. Interactive Communication

Top marketers have observed that superior customer interaction favorably impacts brand promotion. In fact, customers today have 2X more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else (Source : Think With Google).

Earlier, businesses used traditional promotional techniques to bombard customers with messages, pushing them to share their contact information. Now promotion has improved 360 degrees with the advent of new mobile marketing and mobile video advertising platforms like moLotus offering multiple customer interaction options easing out brand-customer conversation. Customers get easily attracted towards the brand offering and quickly share their contact info through these interaction points.

Therefore, brand experts these days recommend promoting customers via tools like moLotus, providing easy customer response options like Web URL, SMS, USSD, Call, etc. rather than sending spam emails. Some brands are promoting their products through tools like TwtPoll, Zembula, etc., for interacting with customers and attracting them.

6. Automated Communication

With stiff revenue and sales objectives to be achieved, time can be one of the biggest obstacles to brand promotion. Mobile marketing automation -- the process of using automation for brand promotion via mobile -- gives businesses the ability to produce better marketing results without the time investment. Mobile marketing automation platforms like moLotus, Marketo, Hubspot, etc. makes the promotion process much faster, smoother and convenient.

As mobile automation technology continues to evolve, the breakthrough moLotus automation capabilities are meeting the expectations of businesses in terms of brand promotion via its robust automation API. moLotus comes as a fresh advancement in technology, empowering mobile marketers to not only promote their brands but also acquire, engage and retain more customers.

7. Customized Campaigns

Mobile Marketing works best at brand promotion if the campaigns are customized. Brands should optimize campaigns according to language, location, interests, online behaviors, attitudes, perceptions and other business criteria in order to get the attention of customers. For brands seeking superior brand promotions customized mobile marketing has proven to be highly effective.

Salesforce surveys showcase that top performing businesses are using data-based targeting and segmentation via mobile in promoting their brands, 51% more than underperforming businesses. Many mobile marketing tools are being used by brands in customizing mobile campaigns including HubSpot, Facebook, moLotus, AdColony, etc. It is worth mentioning that moLotus campaigns can be targeted according to interests, languages, demographies, and more by using customer data at micro-levels, helping brand promotion and maximizing lead generation for global brands. It is fast replacing other tools.

8. Upselling & Cross-selling

Many businesses are looking inward to focus on their current customer base with the notion that it is better to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. By doing so they are both ensuring long-term customer retention and providing them with even more value from the product.  The way to long-term customer retention and value creation is upselling and cross-selling. 

Experts suggest that mobile marketing has come as the best way to upsell and cross-sell. The key to mobile-based upselling and cross-selling is to offer contextual info to consumers based on how they are using the product or service and make it easy possible for them to upgrade.

A number of mobile advertising platforms like moLotus, HubSpot, Facebook, Instagram, etc. assist marketers for running both upselling and cross-selling campaigns. However, the most important factor is the selection of the right tool for ensuring superior results. Brands across the globe are fast embracing the breakthrough moLotus platform for creating unique upselling and cross-selling mobile campaigns. The campaigns are hyper-personalized, targeting huge customer databases to maximize customer response, lead generation, conversion and high ARPU.

9. Mobile App Promotion

Businesses often wonder how to promote mobile apps so that their customers can download and use them to access their website. There are many ways to promote the apps however mobile marketing happens to be the most effective way. Several businesses earlier used Facebook and Instagram mobile app promo campaigns to promote their apps.

Keeping in view the latest market research on app promotion methods, it is advisable for businesses to adopt a real mobile advertising platform like moLotus.  Using moLotus they can easily create unique app-download campaigns reaching instantly to their customer database. These campaigns yield high traffic and brand awareness.

10. Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is vital for the success of any promotion campaign. Mobile marketing technologies have empowered brand marketers to directly track the performance of promo campaigns. They can conveniently tweak promotion strategy in real time with changing consumer habits and preferences. Also fine-tuning of the campaigns for better results and more leads is possible. In fact conversion tracking is one of the most powerful metrics that determine the success of promo campaigns.

Mobile marketing platforms like moLotus provide powerful real time campaign tracking and big data analytics enabling marketers to keep an eye on the campaign performances. They are capable of enhancing promo campaign performance, campaign optimization, and, thus, getting more leads and revenues.


Next-gen mobile promotion strategies stated above offer big opportunities for businesses to engage their Millennial and Gen Z customers in a challenging marketing landscape. Promotional campaigns via breakthrough mobile marketing technologies like moLotus would certainly boost brand awareness. Brands that are advancing their promotional techniques using the right technology are already experiencing the big upsides this year.

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