How to Change Your Game in A Running Poker Tournament

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As a beginner poker player, you would start off by playing at the lowest stakes possible in the game, and put your focus on learning and improving your strategy. From reading some poker tips online, you will note that is it better to adopt a tight-aggressive (TAG) style of play which involves folding your weaker hands, and playing only your stronger hands aggressively. Further, it also indicates a game play where you are less likely to be reckless with respect to your flops, turns and rivers that lower your chances of keeping a strong hand. 

If you’re looking to play in some of the leading online poker rooms in India, this strategy is very useful for someone just starting a career in the game, as it explains to players why an aggressive style of poker is preferable to a passive one. However, these notions only last as long as you prefer to remain a beginner. 

Remember, poker is a game of strategy and as you improve your game play, you will begin to realize how you get better and better and across all poker rooms in India, you would have mastered at the low-stakes level games. Then it is time to move on to higher stakes and better quality games that involve more intricacies of complex poker that you can only learn by being part of the gang. You will start seeing how your advanced moves will be wasted in these poker rooms and to progress or improve your skills further, you need better and higher challenges. 

This is when it’s time to make the move. You’ll need to know how to change gears and move to another skill-level, risk factor and winning opportunity. This is when you should consider  changing your game. 

Further, even within multiple games in the same tournament- some of the best poker tips online say - that it helps for you to keep changing the gears to keep your opponents on their toes, and guessing what your new approach to the game would be. It helps to be in a position to take them by surprise. 

But remember, you’re not the only one who is trying to do this. In all certainty, all your opponents are constantly trying to change the game - to keep it confusing for you. Having acknowledged that it is important not to let your guard down, just because everyone else is doing it. In fact, that should be the reason why you adopt a changing, flexible strategy at every point. It is just in your best interest to keep things moving, so your opponent has the most difficult time trying to figure out what your strategy is. You do not want them to have you all figured out - you want to remain closed, mysterious and strategically so. 

Further, working with a fluid image is also beneficial. You know it is a difficult and complex process to build a poker image in online poker rooms in India, in the first place. But once your image gets the attention it gets, it is time to morph. As soon as you realize that your image is out of control - say you’re caught bluffing a few times in a row or have won too many pots without a showdown - it is time to shift to playing a more conservative game that your opponent will get confused by. 

The basic thumb rule is to have a chameleon personality, gameplay, strategy and plans. Be open to let go of a certain image, as soon as it gets too obvious and keep moving. That’s the only thing that will ensure that you have a long and consistent poker career. 

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