How Online Poker Tournament Strategy is Different Than Normal Poker

by Spartan Poker Play Poker Online Games in India
Do you like to play card games online? Then you must spend some time exploring the wonderful world of poker and the plethora of opportunities that it gives you to make huge amounts of money, from the comfort of your home. You might have heard of the game, from your friends’ circle or family discussions where they would have discussed the idea of the ‘poker face’. The poker face is one where the opponent cannot really make out what is going on in your mind - and it is important in a game of poker because it means the difference between winning and losing!

As with most card games, however, there are several online versions of the game - and then you would wonder - how the whole game would really work in an online setup where there’s no face-reading or mind-reading in play. Basically, whether you’re playing online or are playing across the table, it is still the same game - but there are certain minor ways that you’ll have to be aware of - while playing in different formats of the game. 

So, this article is all about detailing the key differences between a game of poker live, across a table and a game where you play poker online for real money. 

Pacing: Owing to the players being connected digitally over the internet platform, online games tend to (in general) be faster than offline games. During offline games people get introduced to each other, spend more time in chit-chat and understanding the mood of the room, before getting to the actual point. And even during the play, there is a lot of reading between the lines in an offline poker room - when compared to when you play card games online. And therefore, the pacing is slower in live games, than online games. 

Reasons: Poker has traditionally been a game played in a dedicated poker room at clubs and resorts - with a lot of commitment from the players who love the game. It wouldn’t be too unrealistic to call poker a cult game - which for the longest time, was reserved only for the elite in society. So, the reasons were very varied. Some players chose to play ‘to win’, while some totally enjoyed the spirit of the game. Some played to improve their game learning from others, while some to build a new strategy. When you play poker online for real money, however, the reasons are straightforward. People are in it for the money - and they tend to get cut-throat with the competitiveness. Nobody likes to waste time, and by constantly pushing others to play faster they put them under pressure to work faster and under stress. 

Bet sizes: Online players tend to like playing more games, with smaller bet sizes than more passionate offline players who will spend the extra time, on a single game - with much higher bet sizes. While commonly, in a live cash game players might choose open at 2 times or 2.5 times the big blind - it is very common to encounter live players opening at as high as 5 or 6 times that. This is more so in lower-stakes games. It is a completely different story when it comes to tournaments, but even in tournaments, you’re likely to find live players who often overbet, in comparison to their online counterparts. 

The type of players that you’ll find online and offline also differ drastically. Online players are more competitive, while offline players are more passionate. If you like to play card games online, then you must not miss out on playing a few games of online poker. 

There are several platforms that offer you the opportunity to play poker online for real money - and in several cases in freeroll poker games, where you do not have to invest any money to begin playing. Do not wait until it’s too late. Register online for a game of poker today - start playing!

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