How social media marketing is going to be in 2020. A detailed analysis.

by Rahul Singh Make My Business Online
It is very common that people are more into social media than in real life, they love to spend their free time on social media. Facebook and Instagram are the two most famous social media among people as they love to share their interesting life with their family and friends. Social media has become a vital part of people’s daily routines and lives. Some are addicted to it so much that they spend their entire day on it. People nowadays are don’t like to go out shopping stuff instead they sit back on the couch and buy it online. The best thing about social media is that they have influencers who are followed by millions of people and companies can take advantage of this thing to promote their brand and company. There are Social Media Marketing agencies in Delhi NCR that are helping brands to grow on social media in order to promote their brand and re-branding. 
Social media has a great impact on people for a long time and now big brands and companies are using it to promote their brand and products. In this article, we will talk about social media marketing and how it will going to be in 2020. Today, People are so obsessed with social media; they believe and work more conveniently according to updates and information on social media. So, how can a brand not opt to take advantage of social media when a large group of audience is using it on a great scale. For a business whether the small or big, audience has an essential role, if your audience is not aware of your brand then how can you expect great success in your business? Social media marketing can be the greatest tool for all companies to convert a lead into permanent customers. 
If you don’t know how social media campaign work then you can hire digital marketing agencies such as MMBO for your company as they have highly experienced and skilled digital marketing experts. You can hire them for your Facebook campaigns or even for AdWords. Before hiring any agency, you should be aware of their reputation and work in the market. Ask them for references so that to be sure about your work. 
1 Short-lived content will continue gaining popularity 
Short-lived or brief or ephemeral content is a type of content that is available for a short period of time and then disappears after some time. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram stories are the best examples of Ephemeral content. People are following influencers on a great scale and they follow what their favorite influencers request them to follow. It is obvious that you have already got the point, brands and companies collaborate with these influencers to create brand awareness. Influencer’s story can change the angle of your business totally. Stories on social media is short, addictive and engaging in a way that audience are willing to spend their time to watch them. 
2. Instagram has no like and dislike functionalities 
Instagram is one of the biggest and largest social media platforms and people are following this platform on a large scale. From extraordinary to ordinary to normal people, everyone is using this platform to share their stories with each other. Instagram has a great impact on people’s and the brand’s name. Hashtags are a common marketing tool on Instagram through which you can reach to a great number of audiences. It is expected that in the upcoming time, Instagram will remove its like features for posts. 
Instagram has just tested this proposal in the beta test and expecting to release its changes soon globally. The logic behind this decision is that likes on people’s social value and it will affect their mental health badly. There is no need to wait for the validation of people liking you, so, Instagram is removing this feature. 
Though, there are people who think that Instagram is doing such thing in order to earn more as brands pay a good amount to influencers for their brand awareness. If Instagram will remove this feature then brands would not be able to see the results of their brand impact so easily as they do now. To track ROI, brands need to do Instagram ads. If Instagram will remove this feature then it would be a big loss for the influencers and then brands need to invest in the ads feature of Instagram to see the results accurately. 
3. Video content would be best for marketing 
As we all see, nowadays, TikTok is one of the best tools through which brands reach the audience on a great scale. Video content is something that everyone likes to watch and actually invest their time in it. It is one of the most engaging types of content marketing and expecting to dominate the entire market of content. TikTok or stories or long-term content Such as youtube series are the future of the market. As per the study, online content will be video content soon by 2022. This clearly defines how essential it is beginning to employ video content to stay pertinent in the social media domain. If your brand is not investing in video content right now then you should start investing in video content marketing and creating strategy. In the upcoming time, video content will dominate the entire social media and created a great impact on people.
4. Niche social platform will be the star of the market. 
It is obvious that people are using Facebook and Instagram for a long time and now these social platforms have great value among people. Several other platforms such as tiktok and snapchat are another niche platform that is performing well in the market. It is expected that these social media niches will cover the entire marketing terms in a short period of time.

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