5 Backlinking Strategies to Boost Your Website Traffic

by Rahul Singh Make My Business Online
Backlinking is a great way to boost your traffic. In fact, it might be the answer to a persistent question, “how to increase website traffic organically.” This is how. However, you need to know the right process, the right strategies, and the right way to go about it. If you use some of the strategies we’ve mentioned in the blog, you might see great success in the future. Keep making informed decisions and see your brand flourish.

5 effective backlinking strategies are:

1. HARO can help

When journalists need help writing an article, they go to HARO or Help A Reporter Out. HARO is a website where journalists post questions. If you can help them out, you can get free press. Many big International websites like,, etc., use HARO. This makes HARO a great place to get quality backlinks. You won’t get a ton of backlinks, but the ones that you do get will be of high quality because they are from high-profile authoritative websites. 

2. Use public relations to your advantage

Building relationships is at the core of ensuring high-quality backlinks that actually generate growth. Simply put, if nobody knows you, nobody will link your website. 

The best way to build relationships is to be active on social media. But make sure you’re authentic, honest, transparent, patient, and consistent. This way, you’ll interact with other people, meet people from your related industry. Maybe you’ll get a chance to write a blog post or get on a video call with them. This will help you grow your network and slowly establish you as an expert in your area. Also, blog posts and video appearances often generate great backlinks. 

3. Create an original study

An original study can inspire a lot of quality backlinks. If you are privy to data that nobody else on the Internet has access to, you immediately become a valuable asset/resource.

Now, when people want to reference your study/work, they have to link to your website or study. Voila, you got yourself a backlink. If you feel like this is a huge task, don’t worry. You can simply use Google forms for such a survey. Through it, you can collect your own data, draw your own inference, publish it, and encourage backlinks. 

4. Make infographics

Everybody loves a fun yet informative infographic. They are easy to understand, easy to follow, and concise. Hence, they’re both visually pleasing and engaging. Leverage that interest. Moreover, if you create an infographic and someone shares it on their website, they will have to link your website. 

Want to make sure you get the best from it? After publishing it, reach out to blog spaces in your niche, asking them to share your infographic wherever, whenever appropriate. 

5. Craft testimonials for other websites in your niche

We know, writing testimonials for other websites from your own niche might seem counterintuitive. Why would you want to increase the traffic of other websites doing the same/similar thing as you? You would not want them to steal your customers, right? The thing is, writing such testimonials has proven to have a positive effect on the brand writing the testimonial just as much if not more compared to the brand for which the testimonial has been written. It is a great SEO & backlinking strategy. Not only that but it puts you in the good books of the said brand and you can ask them to do the same for you. 

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