How Pediatric Tooth Decay is Prevented and Treated

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Tooth decay is one of the most common ailments young children are troubled with in present times. The troubles of visiting a dentist and sometimes the helplessness of getting a tooth extracted at such a young age can be extremely overwhelming and agitating. Hence pediatric tooth decay has garnered suitable limelight these days to device methods and techniques that can initially prevent and then if required treat such decays with minimal discomfort and damage. Hence, Present below are a few methods and tips that may aid and benefit the pediatric population.

Methods to Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay:


§  Topical Fluoride Application: After thorough oral examination if your Pediatric dentist raises a concern for high caries risk in your child, he may recommend topical fluoride application. Fluoride is an element that hardens the tooth structure and prevents attack by bacteria, thereby preventing caries.

§  This preventive option involves fluoride varnishes or sealants that are applied on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth as soon as they erupt, hindering dental decay.

§  Preventive Dental Sealants: The chewing surfaces of our back teeth are marked with pits and grooves. Food debris adheres to these grooves and does not get dislodged easily while brushing, resulting in dental caries and cavity formation. Dental sealants hinder this process by forming a protective BPA-free Plastic coating on the chewing surface, thus creating a barrier to prevent food entrapment. Sealants are applied by your Pedodontist using advanced technology that provides instant and durable protection to your child's newly erupted teeth.

§  Preventing the Toddler from sugars in the milk:  It is important to remove a bottle from a baby's mouth as soon as he or she falls asleep. This small move ensures that the kid's teeth are not in constant contact with milk sugars, which may initiate the carious process. Similarly cleaning the child's teeth or gum pads after feeding will keep the oral environment healthy.

§  Substituting the packed Fruit juices with healthy food

n  Oral Hygiene: It is imperative to keep the child’s oral cavity free from any food debris and subsequent bacterial infections. Hence, young kids should be accoustomed to a routine of regular brushing with a correct technique and flossing in-between those spaces in the teeth.

Treating Tooth Decay in Children


§  Despite the above-stated measures a child may still end up with carious teeth. It is a common but wrong notion that since the kid will eventually lose those milk teeth, they are not required to undergo treatment. Pediatric tooth decay will require treatment as losing baby teeth earlier than anticipated will create a gap in the mouth and hence will affect the eruption and placement of permanent teeth. Also, long-standing decay in milk teeth may introduce the bacteria into the underlying permanent teeth, continuing the vicious cycle.


§  Tooth Fillings: In most cases, the decay is removed and the remaining tooth is filled with a restoration to make it functionally and aesthetically suitable.

§  Tooth crowns: In case of severe decay, the dentist recommends a stainless-steel crown, fixed onto the child’s tooth with maximum precision and expertise to ensure a painless dental experience.

§  Pulpotomy: In this procedure, a small portion of the inner tissue is removed and then the tooth is packed with a medicated material before finally sealing it with a tooth-coloured filling.


In a Nutshell

When it comes down to it, Prevention will always remain the most appropriate and preferred option in pediatric tooth decays. However, if the carious process has begun, early treatment is always suggested to keep the complications minimal and prevent damage to the permanent teeth.

After all, those dazzling bright smiles should remain the same for the longest of time.


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