Why do our tooth decay and how can we reverse it?

by Walter Dunham Dentist

You may be aware of the point that a dental cavity refers to a hole in a tooth. But did you know that a cavity is the outcome of the tooth decay process that takes place over time? Did you know that you can intrude and sometimes reverse this process to avert a cavity?

What’s inside our mouth?

Our mouths are loaded with bacteria. Hundreds of various types live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other regions in our mouths. Some bacteria are supportive. But some can be damaging such as those that play a role in the tooth decay process.

Tooth decay is the outcome of basically an infection with specific types of bacteria that prefer sugars in food to prepare acids. Over a period of time, these acids can result into a cavity in the tooth, says a reputed Horizon City TX dentist.

On one end, there are dental plaque–sticky, colorless layer of bacteria–along with foods and drinks that have sugar or starch. when we eat or drink foods that contains sugar or starch, the bacteria employ them to produce acids. These acids start to eat away at the tooth's hard outer surface, or enamel.

On the other side, there are the minerals in our saliva (such as calcium and phosphate) along with fluoride from toothpaste, water, and other things. These minerals promote enamel repair itself by swapping minerals lost in case of an "acid attack."

What causes cavity?

When a tooth gets exposed to acid more often -- for example, if you eat or drink often, particularly foods or drinks having sugar and starches -- the recurrent cycles of acid bouts make the enamel to continue to shed minerals. A white spot may begin to appear where minerals have been missing. This is an indicator of early tooth decay.

What’s the solution?

According to a leading El Paso dental centre, fluoride can help a lot in preventing tooth decay and replenish the loss of minerals.

Fluoride is known to protect teeth by..

  • preventing mineral loss in tooth enamel and replacing lost minerals
  • decreases the ability of bacteria to produce acid

If your Horizon City TX dentist thinks that you need more fluoride, he or she may -

  • Use a fluoride gel or varnish to tooth shells
  • Recommend fluoride tablets
  • Recommend using a fluoride mouth rinse

If taken proper precaution and timely visit to El Paso dental centre, it is always possible to lose mineral loss from teeth.

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