How Engine Remapping can Help in Optimum Fuel Efficiency

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Engine remapping can not only help in fuel efficiency but also helps to save a lot of money, keeping the engine of your vehicle in its best condition for a long. Here's how engine remapping ensures fuel efficiency, enhancing the overall car performance. 


ECU or engine remapping or engine tuning of your car can enhance the performance of the vehicle, keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently for a longer time, and can offer optimum fuel efficiency. This saves a lot of money that a car owner would have otherwise required to spend on repeated and frequent car maintenance. And now if you are thinking about how this engine tuning or ECU tuning actually works to optimise fuel efficiency then here's an article for you. 


How engine remapping helps to achieve enhanced engine and car performance and optimum fuel efficiency. 


By changing the air filter if the vehicle:

If your car's air filter is not clean and is so dirty that even when you hold up the filter to a source of light, you cannot see much light through the filter, then it's the right time to take the vehicle to the expert car remappers for engine tuning. In engine tuning, the air filter of the vehicle is changed or replaced along with several other things that are done during the tuning process. The contaminants that had built up in the engine for so long are made to keep out of the engine to cut down the amount of air the vehicle can uptake, boosting the performance of the engine and the vehicle and optimising its fuel efficiency. 


Usually, what happens is that based on the age of the vehicle, a reduction in the fuel economy occurs by up to 10 percent. New models of engines having upgraded computerised software systems can easily clean up the dirt build-up in the filter and give the engine much less amount of fuel for compensating. This is a very smart idea to keep the air filters clean enough for achieving optimum fuel efficiency. 


By changing the oil:

In engine remapping, the oil is changed as well to ensure optimum fuel efficiency. Changing the oil in the engine while remapping the car can help in improving the car's performance and optimise fuel economy. Usually, it often happens that if you don't use your vehicle for a longer period of time and the engine of your car has an adequate amount of oil in it that is stored unused then that stored oil keeps on getting thicker like syrup that ultimately lowers the engine efficiency and performance. The oil stored in the engine has a certain age limit too and you need to keep this in mind. Hence, during engine tuning, one of the most crucial things that are fine is that the oil is changed. It is however recommended to change the engine oil at an interval of three months if possible even if the vehicle is kept unused for a long time or is used very often. Remember, conventional oil can result in car breakdown over time. 


To extend your car’s and engine’s longevity, experts suggest the use of synthetic oil because synthetic oil does not easily break down and is much more durable. Synthetic oil ensures to last longer which is around three times more than other conventional oils usually used in vehicles. And hence, you will have to only change the synthetic oil half as often as the conventional or normal oils. 


Also, you must use that grade of oil as recommended by the car manufacturer. This is important as it is seen in most cases that you can save around 2 percent of fuel with the recommended grade of oil in your vehicle. Also, make a note of the point that you need to check the energy-conserving label on the oil before using it. This will ensure whether that oil uses friction-reducing technology or not. 


Installing new spark plugs while engine remapping:

Just a single misfiring and dirty spark plug is enough for reducing your MPG by nearly 7 percent. This means 2 misfiring spark plugs and your car engine is down by around 14 percent fuel efficiency. Keeping this point in mind, it becomes imperative to change the car’s spark plugs after around every 30,000 miles. 


Some spark plugs like platinum and iridium can wait for up to 1,00,000 miles. However, if you are facing things like poor efficiency or if you are feeling that your car engine is losing efficiency just because of even one bad spark plug, it is highly recommended to get new spark plugs installed. 


Spark plugs can be easily changed and installed. But though it is easy to install, it is always better to go to the professional car remappers for the same. Spark plugs installation needs some specific tools, an hour time or so, and of course expertise in it. You should not try to do any experiment with the spark plugs for the car and use those that the manufacturer of the vehicle originally used to ensure to offer the best service as those spark plugs will be the tested ones and will ensure optimum performance and fuel efficiency to the vehicle. 


By using a good quality fuel system cleaner:

Fuel injectors and the other engine components can get gummed with time as well due to the build-up of the gas and other residuals. However, the best possible way to restore the vehicle’s efficiency and performance to gain the maximum fuel efficiency is by using a good fuel cleaner through the vehicle’s gas tank after an interval of six months or so. Reliable and professional remappers ensure to do this while engine remapping if they think that your car needs a proper and quality fuel system cleaner at that time. 


One of the best fuel system cleaners that is available in the market now is the BG 44K. 


Removing unnecessary gadgets and clutters from the vehicle also offers optimum fuel efficiency:

Unnecessarily adding too much weight to the vehicle can hamper its performance and hence the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Including unwanted stuff like ski racks, and more when they are not actually needed can have a negative impact on its performance. Actually what happens is that adding extra weight to the vehicle makes its engine work harder, reducing its fuel efficiency and performance at the same time. 


Checking the air pressure in the tires also helps to achieve optimum fuel efficiency: 

Maybe you are aware of this already but if you don't have a detailed idea about it then this point is a crucial one for you to remember. It is necessary that when you are getting your car engine remapped to boost its performance and to gain optimum fuel efficiency, it is always crucial to check the air pressure in the tires and make sure it is perfect. This is important as this can pay around 3.6 percent better fuel economy and efficiency. 


Do you feel that your car engine too needs proper remapping to achieve its sustainable performance, speed, and fuel efficiency? Then look for a reputed, expert, and high professional engine remapping company first to ensure quality remapping services.  


Andrew Gilcrist is an expert car tuner associated with a top-rated and trusted engine remapping agency in Australia, ATF-Remapping. The author has shared this article to let you know how engine tuning or remapping can offer optimum fuel efficiency and enhanced performance to your vehicle.

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