Want Higher Vehicle Performance Level? Engine Remapping is the Solution

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst

After driving for a few hundred miles you realise, your car isn't delivering the full performance it's capable of. You may notice that the vehicle isn't meeting some of the performance metrics that can be expected of it.

Most probably you are dissatisfied on the grounds like –

  • The overall power output from your car's engine

  • The torque capacity

If that's true, then you are not alone, and rest unworried, there's nothing wrong with your vehicle. The truth is, your car's engine ships with a built-in ceiling, that prevents it from functioning at its fullest.


Manufacturers have to account for the environmental impact of their product. By limiting the engines’ maximum power, they ensure that the car doesn't consume excess fuel.

Car manufacturers ensure that the vehicle ECU factors in all kinds of climate, laws and restriction on fuel types. So, they purposefully de-tune the engine, so as that it meets all the standard benchmarks required of a car. Another reason for limiting an engine's performance is, it allows manufacturers to produce less custom specific engines. By lowering the capacity of the same engine, they can fit it on a vehicle with lower specifications.

But sometimes this default setup may not suit your needs. You may feel that your car can benefit from some extra torque, for instance, when planning for a trip through mountainous terrain. That's when you should consider Engine Mapping Northampton.

What is engine mapping?

If you are experienced with car servicing, possibilities are you've heard technicians speak of terms like chip tuning, engine remapping, tuning. All of them refer to the process of upgrading a car's ECU software so that it enables the engine to perform at the desired level.

A modern car's performance is controlled by its ECU extensively. It controls the air-fuel ratio, spark timing, and throttle. So, by modifying the ECU operations, you can tune engine performance. And that's what vehicle remapping does.

Vehicle remapping – the essentials to know

A vehicle remapping overwrites your car ECU's default software with a new one. The new software comprises of a set of new data, graphs, and instructions that tells the ECU to perform specific functions, according to inputs. Garages such as Jacksons Diesel Centre can remap your engines ECU with customised parameters that suit your driving better. They also offer DPF cleaning and car diagnostics.

Graphs like torque/air-fuel ratio, emissions/air-fuel ratio, ignition timing/load, and others feed ECU with necessary data. With this information, the ECU varies the operation of different engine components, which leads to a specific performance output level.

Effects of vehicle remapping

With a modern vehicle, it's possible to flash the ECU software directly through the OBD port. After an engine remapping, drivers report a better response to acceleration. Improvement in torque output is another effect of getting engine mapping in Northampton for your car. After the service, you won’t need to drop down a gear to maintain speed in incline and or change gear so frequently.

A note of caution

Vehicle remapping causes the ECU to drive your engine to its maximum performance level. So, you must be ready to maintain your car correctly after the service.

So, renew your car with engine remapping, and unlock its actual performance.


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