Signs your car needs ECU remapping

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Taking your car for its ECU remapping after every few months or a year is essential for your car's enhanced performance. But how would you understand whether it is time to take your vehicle for remapping or not? Well, here are the 5 signs that indicate your car needs immediate ECU tuning.

The Engine Control Module or ECM that is also popularly known as the ECU or Electronic Control Unit is defined as the electronic module that controls the function of the engine of the vehicle. And, it is done with a series of electronic components like sensors which compute all the data directly back to the engine of the vehicle. And based on this particular data, the vehicle's engine performs specific functions. Now, if your car has got a bad ECU then it may result in things like poor engine performance, bad gas mileage, the vehicle may stop all of a sudden while on the road, etc. All these problems may simply give you a lot of trouble while operating your car, may be on a lonely road, while you are driving with your family, while you are hurrying for a meeting, or at any time.

Now, to help you avoid such circumstances, it is suggested to take your car for ECU remapping. But how would you understand when to take your vehicle for it? Well, check out these signs shared below that clearly indicate your car needs proper ECU tuning or remapping.

Vehicle tuning or engine remapping involves alterations in the settings of the ECU of the vehicle. This is also known as ECU tuning, chip tuning, or chipping. The ECU of every vehicle comes with a different and its own pre-set configuration and this can be overwritten during ECU tuning based on the problems with the vehicle or its engine. Some of the key advantages of ECU tuning are improved ignition timing, improved turbocharging increases pressure, improved fuel and air ratio in the engine, added power and torque, better throttle response, optimum fuel efficiency, smooth drivability, and overall enhanced car performance. Engine tuning or ECU tuning can make a vehicle fit for driving in different locations, and on different roads and driving conditions as specified by the vehicle owner.

Check the engine light of the vehicle:

Always ensure to check whether your vehicle's "Check Engine" warning light on the dashboard is illuminating or not. Of course, there may be several reasons why this light illuminates. And in some cases when the vehicle's ECU detects any problem with the electronic components like circuits or sensors of the engine light of the car, it instantly makes the "Check Engine" warning light illuminate immediately. Many times the car's ECU can do this by mistake as well. And to figure out whether the car's ECU is actually having any issues or not, you will need to search for particular trouble codes on the computer of the vehicle. These codes will help in identifying the actual cause or the root of the problem.

Engine stalls or misfires:

Another sign following the warning light illumination indication is the engine stalls or misfires. These engine stalls or misfires may happen randomly, which can, in turn, make it tough to figure out the actual problem with the engine. Several times, it may also happen that because of the Engine Control Module or the ECM failing to work and delivering the engine of the car some wrong data or information. And if this problem gets worse, the performance of the engine will obviously keep.on deteriorating.

Poor gas mileage:

As the right ratio of air and fuel needs to be maintained in every vehicle to perform and run optimally, a bad Engine Control Module or ECM will never understand how much amount of fuel should be sent to the consumption chamber of the vehicle. This means that if an excessive amount of fuel is sent it may simply get burnt during the combustion process. This can also result in your car consuming an excessive amount of fuel than it normally should consume while running. Ultimately, this results in increased unwanted expenses in purchasing gasoline for the vehicle every month.

Hence, if you notice such kind of issue with your car, it is highly recommended to immediately take the vehicle for ECU tuning.

Poor engine performance:

Alternatively, a poor-performing or faulty ECM or Engine Control Module can cause problems such as not having an adequate amount of fuel to send to the combustion chamber. It also means that as soon as you will tend to start your vehicle, it will not accelerate as it used to do when it was in the right condition or may be when it was recently bought. And the reason for this can be the engine's poor performance now.

Sometimes, it might also happen that when you try to start the car, it may start shaking or vibrating, especially, when the vehicle is loaded with too much stuff or any extra weight. Also, sometimes, you may experience things like rough idles because of a bad Engine condition or insufficient amount of fuel. And here again, you need to go for immediate engine remapping. But make sure to take your car to experienced and reliable car remappers to get the best and the right remapping service for your car.

If your car doesn't start:

The worst thing that may happen is while you are driving, all of a sudden your car stops and then doesn't start especially when you are driving on a lonely road, you are in a hurry to reach somewhere, or you are with your family. The possible reasons for this can be the car's ECU not working and stops functioning. And if this happens then you will need to take the vehicle for ECU tuning as soon as possible to make the car and its engine work like before.

To wrap up with this, if you figure out any of these above-mentioned problems with your car, you will need to look for reliable and professional remappers to get the vehicle and its engine remapped in every way. And not only for these reasons, but it is also normally suggested to take every vehicle for ECU tuning after every 6 months or so to maintain the good condition of the vehicles and the engines.

Andrew Gilcrist is an expert in ECU tuning and ECU Remapping and is associated with one of the best companies for engine tuning and vehicle remapping.

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