How do you treat protein in urine naturally?

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Protein is a crucial element that helps keep a person healthy, and on the other hand, if there is an excess of it in the body, a person may face several problems. If there is an excess of protein in the body, then the kidneys might have to suffer. In this write-up, we will discuss why protein is essential for our health, what is proteinuria, and the role of Ayurveda for the same.

What is protein, and why is it important for us?

Protein is vital for the development of the human body. Water occupies the first place in the structure of the body, and second place is protein. It shows how important protein is for physical development.

In human anatomy, protein is plenty in blood cells, bones, tissues, hormones etc. Protein is the basis of the human body, but if this base is found in excess in the body, the person may have to go through a lot of physical pain.

Protein is made up of a mixture of organic elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and sulphur. At the same time, some other inorganic elements like iron, iodine, phosphorus, copper are also present in some proteins. Nitrogen is present in proteins, due to which it differs from carbs and fats (FAT). Proteins are made up of a combination of small units called amino acids.

When does protein start coming in urine?

We are all aware of the importance of protein since childhood. But do you know that more protein can also be harmful to us? If the amount of protein in the body is high then the number of ketones in the body increases. Ketones are a toxic element whose growth in the body leads to many negative effects. Kidneys have to work harder to get the ketones out of the body. The consumption of water in the body is more in the process of taking the ketones out of the body, due to which the person may face dehydration. People who go to the gym have a higher risk of increasing the number of ketones on the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Protein Loss in Urine

When protein starts coming out of the body through urine, this condition is generally known as protein loss, and proteinuria medically. Proteinuria occurs when the filtering unit of the kidneys deteriorate due to excessive pressure. It makes the kidneys unable to retain the required protein amount in the body.

How does protein in the urine damage the kidneys?

There is a risk of kidney failure due to protein coming in the urine. Because during this problem, the kidney filters get damaged. Not only does the protein go out of the body with urine when the kidney filters are damaged, but many other crucial nutrients also leak. When the filters are defective, the kidneys cannot properly separate the waste products from the blood, which increases the number of waste products in the body. If proteinuria occurs, it worsens the kidney only if it is not treated properly. You should take Ayurvedic treatment at such a time. Having more protein in the body not only worsens the kidneys, but it can also cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. A sudden drop in blood sugar levels can cause problems such as fainting, weak memory, and jaundice, as well as a slight jump in creatinine levels.

How to identify protein in urine?

When protein starts coming in a person's urine, many of its symptoms appear in his body, identifying them can help get a timely diagnosis of this problem. These symptoms include -

     Frothy urine

     Change in colour of urine

     Changes in urine volume

     Sudden swelling of hands, feet, face

     Shortness of breath

     Pain and pressure in the cinema

     Frequent urination late at night

     high blood pressure

     Weakness, dizziness

     Loss of appetite

     Diabetes mellitus or excessive urination

Can this problem be overcome?

To get rid of this problem, one should first improve your eating habits, and make necessary lifestyle changes. Keep in mind -

1.   Do not consume fish - The amount of protein in fish is high, which can further increase the problem of protein in the urine. To maintain a balance in the body, consume fish only once a month.

2.   Do not take mental stress - Sleep stress can be caused by mental stress, due to which the patient's diet can be affected. It can make the patient's condition worse.

3.   Drink plenty of water - The person who has protein in the urine, should drink plenty of water and avoid the consumption of soda.

4.   Exercise - By exercising daily, the amount of protein in the body remains balanced, and it reduces the risk of several health conditions.

5.   Control blood pressure - People who have protein in their urine should keep blood pressure under control. Because high blood pressure may increase the discomfort further, causing negative effects on the kidney. People suffering from high blood pressure problems should include things like brinjal, coconut water, mushrooms, oats, yogurt in their diet. Also, the patient should not consume salt at all.

Note: that you must consult your doctor before including anything in the diet.

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