How To Stop Protein In Urine By Ayurveda?

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Proteinuria is the condition of your kidneys when it leaks an excess amount of protein in your urine. The occurrence of protein in your urine is a situation when your kidneys are not able to execute their functions fluently. One of the necessary functions of your kidneys is to hold the protein in your blood. If protein leaks into your urine, then it means your kidneys are not in good health. Leakage of protein is commonly known as the proteinuria and albuminuria. Albumin is an essential protein that gets slipped by your kidneys.
During the protein leakage in your urine, you may face other abnormalities like the formation of foam or bubble in your urine. These health conditions are not specified to kidney disease because it can also occur due to other reasons. If you are encountering these health circumstances, then it is always better for you to consult from an Ayurvedic specialist for the Proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda.
What is the role of protein in your body?
Protein is the building block of your body. Apart from this, other functions of your kidneys are:
• It acts as the carrier of the essential nutrients and hormones to other body parts
• Helps in the growth and maintenance of the cells and tissues of your body.
• It helps your body in the generation of immunoglobulin in your body
• It generates energy for your body.
What are the symptoms of protein leakage?
There are very few symptoms of this disorder because it is the initial stage of kidney disease. Some of the possible symptoms of this disease are as follows:
• Occurrence of foam or bubble in your urine 
• Swollen legs and puffiness around your eyes
• Nausea 
• Loss of appetite
• Dry skin
• Protein leakage may weaken your bones
You have to choose treatment wisely if you want to get rid of this disorder completely.
What are the causes of proteinuria?
There are several reasons for the leakage of protein in your urine and some of them are as follows:
• High blood sugar level
• Dehydration 
• High blood pressure 
•  Overweight
• Orthostatic proteinuria
• Direct trauma and accident
• IgA nephropathy 
• Nephrotic syndrome 
• Glomerulonephritis
• Eclampsia during pregnancy 
• Urinary tract infections
For the better treatment of this health condition, you have to work on the causes of this disorder.
Why Ayurveda?
Most of the people are unaware of the positive aspects of the Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda involves the use of natural herbs that can prove very beneficial for your kidneys. During this treatment, you have to make some dietary modifications to avoid further damage to your kidneys.
If you are a high BP patient or diabetes patient, then you have to fast foods and high sodium food items. Some kidney-friendly tips are as follows:
• Use less sodium in cooking – try to avoid sodium or table salt as much as you can. If you consume high sodium, then you have to understand that it is only responsible for the increase in your blood pressure level. Kidney patients are always suggested not to consume more than 1700 mg of sodium per day.
• Reduce the protein-rich diet – Particularly in this disorder, you have to restrict the consumption of a diet rich in protein. You should consume a low protein diet. You can consult from a dietician regarding the identification of low protein food items.
• Consume low phosphorus and potassium food items – Phosphorus and consumption can interrupt the functions of your kidneys. In this health condition, your kidneys are not able to eliminate these chemicals from your blood and can make your bones and muscles week. You can avoid the following food items:
• Dairy products
• Canned teas or canned products
• Poultry
• Red meats
• Fishes
• Dark-colored soda
Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment
Kidney Expert is a kidney care hospital in Delhi. They are providing the best and effective way to reduce the occurrence of protein in your urine. They are working since 1937 to treat kidney patients without dialysis or any risky therapies. The expertise team of Dr. Puneet Dhawan provides a proper diet chart and herbal medicines, which can give instant relief to kidney patients. Contact Kidney Expert for the better treatment of this health condition.

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