What Is The Role Of Urine Protein Test?

by Shipra Sharma Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda
Urine Protein test is the test that is conducted to determine or figure out the level of protein in urine. Having a little amount of protein in the urine is a natural and normal condition. But when the amount of protein in the urine increases, it is a condition to be concerned about. This condition indicates many health disorders. So we can say that protein in urine test confirms the health of the kidneys.        
The condition of too much protein in the urine is known as proteinuria. Mainly, this condition occurs when the kidney filters (glomeruli) get damaged. In general, kidneys have many filters that are known as glomeruli.  
Kidney filters (glomeruli) are responsible for blood filtration and filter out the impurities from the blood but keep the necessary substances i.e. albumin in the blood. When these kidney filters become damaged, they become incapable of managing the level of albumin in the blood and the protein gets leaked in the urine from the blood.   
Signs & Symptoms of Proteinuria   
Due to excess leakage of protein in the urine, many health symptoms can appear. Some of the major symptoms of proteinuria are as follow:  

· Frothy or foamy urine   
· Abnormal weight gain due to fluid retention  
· Low albumin level       
· Poor appetite                
· Swelling on face; especially around the eyes           
A few more symptoms can also appear in the condition of this kidney-related disorder.       
What are the types of proteinuria?
In general, three types of proteinuria are categorized as per their nature. Those types of proteinuria are described below:    
Transient Proteinuria- This type of proteinuria is temporary and it occurs due to intense workout and high fever. This condition is called temporary because it doesn't need any treatment and gets resolved with the resolution of the cause.   
Orthostatic Proteinuria- In this type of proteinuria, a patient may lose protein in the urine during day time or after standing position but he doesn't lose protein during the night or after sleeping. This condition mainly strikes than adolescents. This type of proteinuria is rare in people having more than 30 years. The cause of the disease is not known and this type of proteinuria is not serious and gets disappeared with time.                     
Persistent Proteinuria- This kind of proteinuria occurs due to damage in the kidney filters. This is a serious kidney condition that requires proper and timely treatment.   
Among these types of proteinuria, Persistent is the most serious form of proteinuria. If this proteinuria is neglected or a patient having persistent proteinuria doesn’t get the proper treatment, his condition can worsen to complete kidney damage or kidney failure. In other words, if the condition of persistent proteinuria is not cured, it can lead to kidney failure.  
What can be the best treatment for proteinuria?  
For the proper treatment of proteinuria, Ayurveda can be the best solution. Being an ancient remedy science, this treatment system works on the deep causes of a health disorder to cure it permanently. This treatment system makes use of sacred herbs and some lifestyle changes to cure a health disorder. This treatment system doesn’t use any kind of artificial or surgical treatment procedures so it doesn’t leave any kind of side-effects on the health.    
In proteinuria treatment, Ayurveda plays a crucial role and applies the same principle. Proteinuria Ayurvedic Treatment utilizes some herbal medications, a kidney-friendly diet and a few yoga stances to fix this problem completely. By applying these treatment procedures, Ayurveda cures proteinuria permanently and it doesn’t leave any kind of side-effects on the health.             

Many Ayurvedic kidney treatment centers proffers the best Proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda, so if you are searching for a permanent proteinuria treatment, you can select one of the best Ayurvedic kidney centers. Karma Ayurveda is one of such kind of kidney care centers that has been providing Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment for all kinds of kidney disorders including proteinuria. 

Enriched with many past decades of experience, Karma Ayurveda is capable of providing the best Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment which will give you a permanent solution of proteinuria.  

If you are in search of a permanent and hazards free proteinuria treatment, contact Karma Ayurveda immediately.                                                          

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