How do you know what type of scar you have so you could get the right scar removal cream?

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Scars often refer to your body’s natural way of healing after your skin undergoes layers of trauma. Be it a result of severe injury, surgery, or simple acne, scars are challenging, and sometimes hard to find an effective remedy for them. Although, there is practically no way you can make a scar go away utterly, but there are certainly some ways you can lighten its appearance. Selecting the best treatment for your scar depends on the type of scar you have.

The following are some of the commonest scar types people have –

Keloid scar – If you have an injury scar, it is most likely a keloid one. It is either firm and dark red or pink – keloid scars buildup as a result of additional collagen under the skin. They also spread beyond the initial area of the injury.

Hypertrophic scars – In case your scar is looking like a keloid one, but is not likely to extend beyond the initial injury area, consider it a hypertrophic scar. They are often raised and red and are mistaken for keloid scar. They are, but, easier to treat.

Contracture scars – If you have suffered a burn and that has left you a nasty scar, it is called a contracture scar. They are often deep and do constrict the skin, sometimes resulting in immobility.

Acne scars – If you have a severe acne problem, your skin must be having acne scars which you hate the most. Acne scars are commonly permanent textural indentations and changes left on your skin as a result of severe acne breakout.

Effective scar remedial options

Once you have developed a scar, it turns out to be a permanent part of your dear skin. There are, thankfully, ways to make your scar less conspicuous. Common scar cures advised by dermatologists include:

Surgical procedure – Having your scar removed surgically is the most invasive sort of treatment. Your dermatologist might advise your surgeon to assess the scar and then perform the surgery to make it look less visible. For example, a surgeon should be able to lessen the size of the scar or take skin from another body part to lay it over the scarred area.

Laser scar removal – For surgical scars, laser scar removal proves to be a non-invasive, effective choice of treatment. Dermatologists use a strong light to limit the size, shape, and color of the scar. Most laser removal procedures are effective in curing one scar type over another.

Chemical peels – Dermatologists place a chemical solution over the scarred area of your skin. When the peel gets removed, a skin layer happens to lift away to expose a smoother skin layer. Chemical peels need several treatments and are best for scars that are surface-level.

Dermabrasion – A dermatologist uses a machine that looks like a little sander to smooth away the top layer of the skin. Quite similar to the chemical peel, the cure is an ideal option to smooth the raised scar.

Injections – If the scars are rising above your skin, there’s a possibility that steroid injections will reduce the size of it, making it level with the skin’s surface. Other injection types include collagen and dermal fillers that fill in the area around the deep scar.

Ointment – Over-the-counter scar removal ointments and creams are an ideal solution for trifling scarring. Dermatologists could prescribe better and more effective and organic scar removal creams.

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