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As parents, nothing matters more than the health of our children. Whether it’s what they eat, wear, or the environment they grow up in, we try to make the most conscious decisions that will be best for them long term. 

And while most people know the importance of choosing organic fruits and vegetables and food made with more natural ingredients so you can avoid harmful chemicals, many parents question the investment in organic clothing. 

Does it really matter? After all, they don’t eat it.

Here’s the REAL reason (a few of them!) why you will never doubt seeking out organic cotton clothing options again. 

REASON #1: Your Baby’s Got Thin Skin 

A baby’s skin is roughly five times thinner and much more sensitive than the skin of an adult. Research shows newborn baby’s skin is super permeable as well, which means it’s easier for toxic chemicals to pass through that protective layer we’re all born with. Babies are in a crucial stage of development where everything they come into contact with can have either potentially damaging or productive results. you can buy the best quality of organic cotton waffles online from Nui Organics to meet your precise needs and demands.  

And even though a child’s skin thickness does increase in strength over time, wearing conventional cotton can result in skin irritations, rashes, and health issues due to the harsh chemicals used in the production process. 

The best and the only way to prevent this is to avoid it completely with organic clothing. With organic, you can always be assured that your child will be safe in clothing that is GOTS-certified—meaning the item is 95 percent organic and free of toxic dyes or finishes. 

REASON #2: Organic Sleepwear Helps You Sleep Better 

The majority of children’s pajamas are polyester, which is most often made from petroleum. By law, flame resistance is added to all children’s man-made materials to counteract the flammable nature. Unfortunately, these toxins are damaging to your child’s health and the environment.

Sleepwear made with organic cotton is natural, breathable, and temperature regulating - which makes it perfect for children’s pajamas in both winter AND summer!

This is also why organic merino wool is such a popular natural fiber to use for kids sleepwear. Naturally flame resistant, no chemicals are needed to protect your child, ensuring that your baby will sleep sounder and you will too!

REASON #3: Organic Cotton Clothing Washes Better 

Let’s start with microplastics - as in NO microplastics shed into the ocean when you wash organic fiber clothing such as organic cotton or organic merino wool. Synthetic fiber clothing on the other hand, sheds 750,000 microplastics into the ocean with every wash! 

Additionally, organic cotton (and merino wool) is more durable! Because no harsh chemicals are needed to treat natural fibers, they are chemical-free and remain stronger overall. 

Because synthetic fibers are treated with harsh chemicals in production, it breaks the fibers down, making the garment more prone to wear and tear. 

Additionally, since organic cotton isn’t treated with chemicals, it actually FEELS softer. Softer and longer lasting, your child AND your wallet will be thanking you. 

REASON #4: Saying No To Pesticides and Insecticides Saves Your Children AND The Growers 

The cotton industry is responsible for administering 10% of the entire world’s pesticides. That number goes up to 25% for all the world’s insecticides. This is considerably more chemical distribution than any other crop on the planet. 

It has been reported that 7 of the 15 regularly used cotton-crop pesticides are carcinogenic.Conventional cotton is grown with more insecticides and pesticides than most other crops on the planet. Those toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, asthma, reproductive disorders and birth defects. 

Organic farmers bypass those chemicals for more natural materials derived from mineral, plant, or animal matter to protect their cotton crops, according to global nonprofit Textile Exchange. It’s safer for your family and safer for the workers, too.


REASON #5: Cotton Clothing Production Is A Chemical Process

The chemicals used to produce cotton are not just limited to the growth stage. Chemicals are also used at the manufacturing stage to repel:





     Chemical dyes are also used to create vibrant coloring.


That is a lot of chemical use to produce non-organic cotton clothing. Is that a risk you want to be taking? 

Organic Wins Hands Down

There is no comparison of organic vs synthetic when your family’s health is at stake. And it’s especially great for children of any age as they continue to grow and develop. 

Some of the most essential benefits of organic cotton are:


     Decreased exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins

     Enhanced comfort

     Increased safety

     Higher durability

     Greater longevity

     Social responsibility

     Environmental responsibility

 The most important benefits of organic cotton clothing as a parent, are likely for the safety and comfort of your child. But what about the planet they will grow up on? 

The garment-production industry is notorious for poor treatment of workers and human rights infringement. Conventional cotton production is no exception, and may be one of the worst offenders. 

Support your child, human rights, and the environment with organic cotton clothing.


Hopefully these tips will help you to buy better, but you’ll know that you are investing not just in your child’s wardrobe, but their long term health and the health of the planet.

 At Nui Organics, we share your values and care about the world we live in.

Putting people and the planet first. Our planet. We care.

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