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When a thick, deep layer (dermis) of skin is damaged, the body attempts to fix the damage by forming new collagen tissues. Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process of skin when it is traumatized. Scarring indicates that the wound has healed. A scar can result from accidents, surgeries, acne, burns, chickenpox, or any other disease and severe weight gain. Scarring is rarely a health-concerned but it can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. Common types of the scar are acne scars, burn scars, post-surgery scars, chickenpox marks, injury marks, and stretch marks.


Some folks go to extreme lengths to conceal their scars with clothes and make-up. That's sad because a little scar prevention and scar treatment cream for developing and existing scars can reduce a scar or even prevent it completely.

In this article we'll review how to care for a wound, to nip a scar before it develops. We'll also articulate how to care for existing scars, and how a scar treatment a system, like Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy, can fade a scar.

For basic scar prevention, do the following:

Clean a Fresh Scrape or Cut - Run the wound under clean water. Remove pebbles or splinters with alcohol-sterilized tweezers. Carefully wash the wound with soap and a clean cloth. Avoid harsh soaps, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and iodine for minor

Don't Pick the Scabs - After an injury, the body immediately starts the healing process, with white blood cells that attack bacteria and red blood cells, platelets and fibrin that form a clot over the wound. Pick at the scabbing that develops and not only do you risk re-opening the wound, you open the door for bacteria that can create a larger, more prominent scar.

Second, consider a scar reduction system as the scar develops. This should reduce the severity of the scar and makes a less painful treatment than laser surgery, which is usually done after the scar is completely formed.

Scar Reduction Therapy - A scar treatment cream is formulated with active natural ingredients, moisturizers, and patented peptides to interact with the skin's 28-day regeneration process. Specifically, it should:


Push Scarred Skin Cells to the Surface - A scar treatment the cream gently nudges the skin healing process so that dead and damaged cells rise to the surface of the skin, where they're sloughed away.

Increase Production of Healthy Skin Cells - With more collagen production and exfoliation of dead skin cells, normal, healthy skin cells replace scarred skin, for visible reduction of scarring.

If you want to prevent or reduce scarring without steroids or laser treatment, opt for Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy by the Skinception line of skin-care products, which as clinical studies suggest, may reduce scarring in as little as four weeks.



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