How can I improve my vehicle's fuel economy?

by Elliot Dean Health Guru and Web Specialist

For most Aussies, car ownership is not an option, it’s an absolute necessity, so the rising cost of fuel is something that simply comes with the territory. All is not lost however, because whilst you can’t do anything about the cost of fuel, there are some things you can do to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

1.      Accelerate and brake gently: Pressing the pedal to the metal every time you want to accelerate just eats your fuel. It’s the same with braking, because if you leave it to the last second to brake (plenty of people do this), your fuel economy goes down. So accelerate and brake gently, and save your fuel.

2.      Ensure the tyres are at the right pressure: Too many people ignore the pressure in their tyres, until it becomes obvious that they need some air. This is one of the biggest causes of low fuel economy, because poorly inflated tyres generate a high surface resistance on the road, which eats into your fuel. So check your tyre pressures monthly and cut down on your bills.

3.      Use high quality petrol (and find the best deals): Premium fuel might cost you more at the pump, but if it gives your car better fuel economy, it makes sense. On the other hand, your car might be perfectly fine running on standard fuel and you are wasting your money buying premium. Since car manufacturers test their vehicles for fuel economy, they will recommend the best type of fuel for their cars and put that information in the manual. So read the manual and only pay for the fuel your car really needs.

4.      Regularly replace the air filter: When the air filter becomes partially blocked due to debris, your car’s fuel efficiency tanks. So it’s essential to check the air filter regularly and change it whenever it’s needed. This information should be in your manual, because the manufacturer will recommend the replacement period for their air filters. However, if you can’t decide whether the air filter needs replacing, check with your local mechanic

5.      Use an engine oil suitable to your car: Motor oil companies spend millions on advertising their products, but if you want to maintain your car’s fuel economy, stick with the oil recommended by the manufacturer. These people test a variety of different oils in their engines to identify which oils give the best fuel economy, so it only makes sense to stick with their recommended choices.

6.      Don’t idle the engine for too long: If you are waiting for someone to return from a store for example, turn the engine off while you are waiting. Leaving the engine running in neutral for extended periods of time simply uses fuel for no good reason. It’s also unnecessary to idle your car for more than 20 seconds first thing in the morning to warm it up, as this also wastes fuel.

7.      Drive in the right gear: If you drive an automatic, then this isn’t a problem, but for manual lovers, you need to drive in the correct gear for your speed. It makes no sense to drive fast in a low gear, because this just eats your fuel. The engine will tell you when it wants to enter a higher gear, so listen to the engine and shift into the right gear, as necessary.

For more tips on better fuel economy, call Burgess Automotive on 03 9455 2112.

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