Best Bikes for Toddlers

by Elliot Dean Health Guru and Web Specialist

Toddlers have a natural desire to keep moving, as both their physical skills and mental skills are developing at an incredible rate. Between the ages of 2 and 4, it’s recommended that children get at least half an hour of structured play (led by an adult) and at least 1 hour of unstructured play (free to themselves). 

Riding a bike is a great activity to help develop strength, motor skills and confidence. It’s also helpful in sharpening cognition and improving mood. And we all like a happy kid! So what is the best type of bike to buy for your toddler? 

Balance Bikes 

Balance bikes do not have pedals, which makes them very interesting. Instead of pedaling, the toddler uses their feet to push off the ground and propel themselves along. They are gaining popularity throughout the world because of their many benefits to the child. 

Because both feet are on the ground, the child is essentially walking or running, meaning they are less likely to crash than if they were riding a regular bike. They sit comfortably on a seat the whole time, which is closer to the ground meaning any falls will be less likely to result in injury. 

Another benefit of this style of bike means there is no need for training wheels. This means the child learns to balance themselves, which makes the transition to a normal bike easier. 

Balance bikes are lightweight and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Lets Roll Balance Bikes are made from aluminium which makes them strong, durable and easy to pick up. I bought one for my nephew for Christmas and he loves it! 

The lack of pedals also means your toddler is forced to lift his legs to propel the movement of the bike. This increases strength as well as improving agility and co-ordination. Balance bikes are definitely my favourite option for youngsters. 


Tricycles are another bike with lots of benefits to young children. Having a third wheel makes the experience less daunting than a regular bike as there is less pressure to keep the bike upright. 

And they still develop balancing skills while pedaling as well as co-ordination and strengthening of many key muscle groups. Unlike a normal bike, they don’t have to pedal fast to go up hills and can go at their own pace. 

The low centre of gravity also means higher safety, as the chance of falling off is greatly reduced. This will also contribute to a more confident person. Mr Toys has a great range of trikes. 

Small-wheeled bikes

A bike with 12 or 14 inch wheels can be good for a young child, as they will be able to have more control when riding than a larger standard bike. Furthermore, a single geared bike will mean there’s less to worry about, so they can focus more on the actual riding. 

The key is to choose a bike that suits the size of your child. They should be able to easily reach the ground, brakes and handlebars, otherwise they will not be able to control it properly and be more likely to injure themselves or just struggle to move well. On the flipside, the bike should not be too small either. 

Small wheeled bikes are generally for slightly older children but advanced 3-4 year olds are definitely able to ride them. 

Every child is different so consider all factors, do your research and you should be able to find a bike that is perfect!

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