How can I boost my GMC's fuel economy?

by Shaun Carey GmOutletParts
Most people invest in GMC vehicles for their performance. And this means the fuel economy is never the number one concern for them. However, that does not imply that GMC's do not offer justice to your fuel economy. In fact, you can experience a decent gas mileage while driving your favourite pick-up truck brand. 
So, here are some practical tips. They will help you to get the most out of your fuel tank. And trust us, you will thank us later. 
1- Inspect the oxygen: 
Oxygen sensors play an essential role in the air/fuel control system. But once they start wearing out, your truck's engine module control will not realize if the engine has proper fuel or air ratio. This means the sensors will begin working extra to avoid the risk of detonation. 
That is why replacing the O2 sensors is crucial to avoid excess work as well as reduce fuel usage.  
2- Examine the plugs: 
Spark plugs are culprits in disguise that are never judged for a declining fuel economy. Even though spark plugs take longer to wear out, but the carbon deposits on the electrodes can reduce the spark plugs' efficiency. And an ineffective spark plug can directly lead to improper combustion that leads to a decline in fuel economy. 
So, make a habit of pulling out the spark plugs and checking them from time to time. If you decide to replace them, then go only for Genuine GM auto parts.
3- Stay top with maintenance: 
Stop finding excuses to maintain your GMC. Instead, stay on the top with the maintenance routine. Replace filters from time to time. Go for synthetic oil to diminish the internal resistance of the engine. It will also increase fuel efficiency by a particular percentage point or two. Keep examining the tire pressure because an inflated tire will reduce the fuel economy.  
4- Avoid the extra hauling:
It is no brainer that when the extra load is added to a truck, the engine has to work harder to drag the haul. By adding an extra 100 pounds, you can evidently decrease the fuel economy by a total of 2%. The lesser load your truck has, the lesser fuel it will consume. 
5- Invest in a tuner: 
Many tuners claim to improve fuel efficiency by two to six mpg. But keep in mind that tuners require the usage of premium fuel. Which means you can expect a significant cost increase on fuel. 
Bottom line
While keeping these tips in mind, do not forget to drive conservatively in order to improve your GMC's fuel efficiency. Make sure to avoid high speeds and accelerate slowly. 
Also, whenever needed, only buy GM parts online from outlets like GM Outletpart. 
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