How blue light affects human eye and how blue light blocking glasses help?

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In our daily lives, blue light’s ubiquity is increasing exponentially with the extensive popularity of blue light emitting devices (Smartphone’s, computers, LED bulbs, etc.).

There is no doubt that computers and other electronic devices improve our communications and daily lives. However, unfortunately, these blue light emitting devices can affect many conditions of daily life. So, you need to know how this light affects you and how blue blockers can help.

What is Blue Light?

According to Harvard Medical School, blue light generates a high amount of energy and that’s where the problem begins. Digital devices with screens also create blue light’s high levels. According to Ophthalmology’s American Academy, while people sometimes link blue light with the screens of digital devices, it can also come from CFL lighting implements and even sunlight.

How this harmful light affects you?

Blue light has a short wavelength which makes it more beneficial during daylight hours. However, it appears to be the most turbulent during night hours.

At daytime, blue light which has short, high energy wavelengths improve mood, reaction times and attention. Blue wavelengths overpower the body’s emanation of melatonin- a hormone that controls your daily sleep-wake cycles, According to the Harvard Health. So, exposure to a high amount of blue light at night damages the natural circadian rhythm of your body.

In addition to this, high levels of blue light come from digital screens, contribute to digital eye strain. Because of its short, high energy wavelengths, this harmful light is not easy to focus on. This means that, when you are looking continuously at the digital devices emitting this light, the unfocused visual noise eliminates the contrast, which can lead to the symptoms of digital eye strains i.e., red, irritating eyes, headache, blurred vision, etc.

Reduce the blue light’s effects with below listed simple tips:

  • Exposure to lots of light during the daytime
  • Use twilight, night shift and other blue light filter apps on your digital devices
  • Use digital devices with a pale screen for at least an hour before bed
  • Use blue light filter glasses-especially when you are working on the digital devices

How do these glasses work?

Blue light filter glasses or blue blockers filter harmful UV and disperse blue light emissions to increase clarity of your vision. These glasses act as a safeguard against the blue wavelengths to protect retinas and reduce digital eye strain.


Regulate your physical and mental health with the aid of blue light blocking glasses. Shop for them at a leading store that stocks a huge collection of these glasses.

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