How About Nanoscale Magnesium Oxide For The Battery Material

by Hu Yanchao Magnesium oxide manufacturers in China

Hebei Meishen technology co., LTD. Production of high-end products of nano-sized magnesium oxide, aiming at the rise of electric cars, brought new life to the battery industry, but now many car companies because there is no suitable battery, thus unable to mass production of electric cars, this is because the batteries of nanometer magnesia below-standard quality caused by, so we have to get to know the battery with nano powder?

  1. Application in zinc-nickel batteries

  Adding nano-magnesium oxide ug-m50 into the active material of zinc anode by physical mixing can reduce the charge and discharge polarization, reduce the internal resistance in the later stage of the cycle, improve the utilization rate of the active material of negative plate, and extend the battery cycle life. It is suitable to add 1.0% wt nano-magnesium oxide ug-m50, and the amount should not exceed 2.0%.

  2. Application of high zinc chloride battery

  Adding a small amount of nano magnesium oxide ug-m50 into the active material of positive electrode can adjust the electrohydraulic acidity, slow down the self-discharge, inhibit the battery gas expansion, improve the storage performance, and improve the discharge capacity and promote the paste gelatinization.

  It is recommended to add 0.5-1% and adjust the appropriate PH value.

  3. Application of cadmium-nickel batteries

  Adding proper amount of nano magnesium oxide ug-m50, nano zinc oxide ug-j30 and iron oxide to the cadmium electrode can improve the utilization rate of active substances.

  Adding nano magnesium oxide ug-m50, indium trioxide and nano zinc oxide J30 can improve the charge retention ability of sealed cadmium nickel batteries.

  4. Other

  Adding nano magnesium oxide ug-m50 to the cathode of lithium battery can improve the capacity attenuation of the material in the process of circulation.

  Hebei Meishen technology co., LTD., is a domestic god to achieve production qualification of nano magnesium oxide, details you can inquire directly, or you can come to visit our company, believe that after you see, you will choose us the regular enterprise, magnesium god company are looking forward to your coming!

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