Active magnesium oxide has advantages over ordinary magnesium oxide

by Lena Wang magnesium oxide

(I) product nature

Molecular formula: MgO

Molecular weight: 40.30

The activity of magnesium oxide refers to the ability of magnesium oxide to participate in physical or chemical processes, which is essentially the unsaturation of the surface valence of crystallite. The differences in the activity of magnesium oxide are mainly caused by the incomplete structure and the size of crystallite.

Active magnesium oxide is different from ordinary magnesium oxide in the following aspects:

(1) has a certain activity, can use citric acid activity (CAA) labeled magnesium oxide activity, the smaller the value, the higher the activity. At the same time, it can also be expressed by the iodine absorption value;

(2) active magnesium oxide placed in the air will absorb carbon dioxide and water, which reduces the activity, sometimes need to be chemical treatment to protect. Other properties are the same as light magnesium oxide;

(3) the particle size distribution is suitable, the average particle size is less than 2 m, the micro shape is irregular particles, or near-spherical particles, or flake crystal.

(ii) use of the product

The active magnesium oxide produced by MEISHEN technology co., ltd. has a large specific surface area and is an important raw material for the preparation of high-functional fine inorganic materials, inks, harmful gas adsorbents and electronic components. Magnesium oxide has high physical adsorption capacity and chemical activity due to its fine particle size and large ratio of surface atoms to bulk atoms. Due to its good sintering performance, it can be made into multi-functional magnesium oxide films or high-density fine crystal ceramics. With high dispersion and high activity, it is easy to compound with high polymer or other materials.

Active magnesia is mainly used as activator and promoter for chloroprene rubber, fluoroprene rubber, butyl rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. The activity of magnesium oxide can increase the crosslinking density of butyl rubber and improve the physical properties of rubber bottle stoppers. Fillers for paints, plastics, paper and adhesives. Used medicinally as a laxative and antacid for the treatment of gastric hyperacidity and duodenal ulcer. Secondly, it can also be used as raw materials of glass, ceramics, magnesia cement and advanced insulation materials.

In addition, active magnesium oxide has excellent electrical insulation and alkali resistance, high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, as well as good optical projection at high temperature.

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