Helpful tips for getting relief from digital eye strain

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

Digital eye strain is very common these days. It is described as a collection of eye-related problems that occur from prolonged use of digital devices. Many of us also experience eye fatigue, loss of sleep, headaches, and vision-related issues when staring at digital screens for extended periods. And all these problems increase with the amount of time spent on digital screens. Although it is a temporary problem, you should take care to address it.  The common signs include red or dry eyes, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and tired eyes.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of digital eye strain. Digital devices sometimes have small texts or images. It is difficult to read them. So, you may strain your eyes more to focus. Another reason may be holding the device in the wrong position. Your eyes have to work hard to focus as you are holding the device improperly. Blue light also plays a major role in causing eye strain. They are high energy visible light that is harmful to your eyes. You might have noticed people wearing blue light filter glasses these days. These glasses protect your eyes from blue light.

Digital eye strain can be controlled by cutting down digital media use. But, most of us cannot limit the digital media use as we use it both for professional and personal needs. Luckily, there are ways to lessen the occurrence of digital eye strain. First of all, pay heed to the changes taking place in your body. Pain in the neck, back, and shoulder are the warning signs. If you feel any symptoms, try the following tips to address it.  

Correct position - You should have the correct distance between your eyes and the digital screen. For computers, you should sit at a proper distance from the monitor. And for devices like the phones, you should hold the device at a distance that allows you to read the screen easily.

Minimize the glare – You should adjust the brightness of the screen as this helps in minimizing glare. Also, clean the screen on a routine basis as a clean screen helps reduce glare.

Wear eye fatigue computer glassesEye fatigue computer glasses are a popular solution for minimizing digital eye strain. These glasses come with many features. Some of them even feature lenses that absorb or filter blue light. They protect the eyes from the damaging effect of blue light emitted from the digital devices. You will find them in different styles and shapes.  Although they look like common glasses, the difference lies in their lenses.

Take frequent breaks – Yes, don’t sit in front of digital screens for long at one stretch. You should take frequent breaks in between so that your eyes get time to relax.

If you follow the above tips, you can get relief from digital eye strain In case the problem persists, you should consult your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will suggest some exercises to get quick relief.

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