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Urinary retention is the main symptom of urethral stricture condition which should not be neglected as this is the indication that urethra has failed to empty your bladder. According to a medical survey, it has been found that most of the males are the candidates of urethral stricture disease which conclude that females have rare chances of getting urethral stricture disorder. The urethra is a tube-like organ which allows urine to leave the bladder and it may cause difficulty in urinary flow when it gets narrowed. Get your diagnosis done for urethral stricture condition and do choose the best clinic for Urethral Stricture Treatment In Delhi.

Urethral stricture is the disease which happens due to the narrowing of the lumen of urethra organ and this can also affect the anterior urethra causing urination problems. Symptoms associated with urethral stricture involves an inability to urinate even when the person is having an urge to urinate and the bladder does not get empty completely. The urinary retention condition can be acute and stays for long-lasting causing other bladder disorders and abnormalities to the pelvis section. This could also happen when there is a physical blockage in the tube which carries urine out of the bladder (urethra). The person may experience pain during urination, dribbling of urine, difficulty to urinate, pelvic pain, blood in urine and semen. This condition if left treated can also result in urinary tract infection (UTI) or stones in the bladder.

Risk factors with urethral stricture: The chances of this condition to occur increases with the following causes:

  • Fracture of pelvic bone

  • Enlarged prostate

  • Urethra cancer

  • Unsafe sensual intercourse

  • Any infection or inflammation to the prostate gland  

  • Brachytherapy or previous surgery of urethra or prostate

Urethral Stricture requires proper treatment as if this condition is left untreated may result in the formation of scar tissues inside the urethra or worse blockage of the urethra. However, preventive measures can be followed such as using latex condoms during sensual intercourse, going to washroom within 15 minutes of intimacy completion, drinking eight glass of water can be helpful in preventing this condition get worse, cleaning genitals and surrounding areas.  

How can urethral stricture be treated?

Before providing the treatment, the doctor carries various diagnostic tests to evaluate the severity of the disorder so that choosing the treatment method becomes easy. The diagnosing tests involved are ultrasound urethrography, retrograde urethrogram, uroflowmetry, cystoscopy, and clinical testing of urinary opening. This condition can be well-treated by a urologist with the following treatment procedures:

Urethral Dilation: This procedure involves insertion of plastic or metal dilator inside the urethra for stretching the narrowed portion of the urthera leading to easy urine flow. Though with this procedure, there are chances of returing of stricture disorder, therefore proper preventive measures are required to be followed after treatment.

Internal Urethrotomy: The surgical method which helps in repairing the narrowed section of urethra that is due to the scarring of the urethra either by injury or infection. This treatment procedure cuts the scar tissues and helps in opening the urethra.

Urethral Reconstruction: When the urethral stricture is located at the penile part of the urethra, it becomes necessary to reconstruct the lining of the urethra. With this method, the success rate of the reconstructed urethra is much long-term.

Dr. Aman Gupta holds specialization and special training for treating urethral stricture condition. He has been providing treatment procedures for stricture condition from last 18 years and has been identified as the Best Urological Surgeon In Delhi. Dr. Aman is qualified in providing treatment procedures for prostate disorders such as prostate inflammation, prostate abscess, enlarged prostate, kidney diseases, and other urological disorders

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