Male Infertility and its Treatment Methods

by Dr Aman Gupta Doctor

The inability to conceive a baby, so-called infertility not only relies on the female partner but also equally on the male partner who is trying to have a child for a year. About one out of every three cases of infertility is due to men alone, so it is likely both partners should seek medical attention and take a number of tests to determine the cause of infertility. It is quite challenging for a man to undergo the diagnosis for his infertility but with the recent advancements in male infertility treatment, this can really help out many men. A man’s fertility depends upon the quantity and quality of sperms produced. It is not possible to cause pregnancy if the ejaculation is too low with poor quality. Dr. Aman Gupta’s urology service is providing the Best Male Infertility Treatment In Delhi that quickly identifies your infertility problem and renders immediate treatment methods.

What causes male infertility?

The male factors that contribute to infertility include the following:

Varicocele - an abnormal bulging of veins above the testicle

Undescended testicle - a birth disorder where the testes fail to descend

Infection in the testicles, prostate or anywhere else in the body that causes fever

Genetic abnormalities

Hormonal disorders

Anti-sperm antibodies - Sometimes a man’s antibodies can attack his own sperms

Due to a genetic problem that is the absence of the main sperm pipeline known as vas deferens

What Infertility Tests are done? - Diagnosis

Sperm and Semen Analysis

In this test, your semen sample is collected to test various parameters such as the quantity, quality, shape, movement, and other variables. Higher the number of normally shaped sperms indicate higher fertility.

Physical Examination

A complete physical examination by the urologist can detect Varicocele problems and some hormonal problems.

Hormonal evaluation

Testosterone and multiple hormones secreted from the brain are evaluated as they are involved in sperm production.

Testicular Biopsy

A needle biopsy of the testicle indicates whether you are making healthy sperms. If a large quantity of healthy sperms is found in the testicle, then there is a blockage somewhere.

Genetic Testing

Testing on your own genes reveal the problems with sperms and obstacles to fertility.

What are the Treatment methods?

With the innovations in medicine and advancements in technologies, male infertility can now be treated and more pregnancies could be possible. The treatments include:


The varicocele can be surgically corrected and vas deferens can be repaired. When no sperms are present in the ejaculate, several sperm-retrieval techniques can be implemented to collect it directly from testicles or epididymis.

Treating infections

Certain antibiotics medications can be recommended to treat infections.

Treatment for sexual intercourse problems

Some medications and counselling are recommended to counteract problems such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Hormone treatments

When your hormone level fluctuates, some hormonal replacements and medications are used to stabilize the production in your body.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

These are the powerful new procedures to alleviate your infertility problems. These procedures can give an artificial boost for the sperm to enter into the egg easily. They have made conception easily possible for those with very low and abnormal sperm.

Some of these methods include:

  • Intrauterine Insemination(IUI)

Your sperms are retrieved using sperm retrieval methods and are injected directly into your partner’s uterus at the time of ovulation. Ovulation medications are also given to increase the number of eggs she releases.

  • InVitro Fertilization(IVF)

This process takes place outside the human body i.e in the laboratory. This involves artificial fertilization of sperms and eggs in a laboratory plastic dish under the optimum conditions. The fertilized eggs thus formed are then implanted into your partner’s uterus.

  • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI)

A single sperm which is highly potent is injected through a tiny needle into an egg. The fertilized egg is then transferred into the uterus where it develops into a fetus. This has a higher rate of success as compared to other methods.

Dr. Aman Gupta is the Best Urologist in Delhi who is providing a permanent solution for all your innate infertility problems with appropriate counselling and treatments to overcome it. Fix an appointment with our doctor to discuss your problems if you have troubles in your reproductive health.

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