Free HIV Testing: Why You Must Not Miss This

by STD Express Clinic Doctor
Doctors across the globe agree that HIV is no less than an epidemic. In fact, WHO had declared it a global epidemic in 1981. The disease is still incurable; but thanks to advancement in medical science, doctors can manage it through appropriate therapy. 

However, doctors can do little, if you don’t consult them and undergo a test. 

According to doctors, you know your sexual life better. So, who else than you can tell whether you need a test or not? 

Whenever you have unprotected sex with a new partner, you must visit STD clinic within a week or so and undergo a test. If you are unsure what test to undergo, please consult a doctor present in the clinic. 

It’s not a shame, but it’s smart to ask, “where is free HIV testing near me,” if you have had unsafe sex with somebody. 

Importance of HIV testing 

HIV test on time can help to slow down the spread of infection. People are generally unaware of the presence of HIV in their bodies. They continue to indulge in sexual activities. 

This is how HIV spreads. 

“One of the reasons HIV became an epidemic in the 80’s is this,” says a doctor at STD clinic. “People didn’t know they were carrying the virus. They continued with their usual sexual activities. And before we knew, a large chunk of the population was infected.”

It was then. 

Today, people are more aware of the diseases. People are more health-conscious. The year 2020 created a paradigm shift in the way the world saw viruses. Coronavirus has made people more aware and alert for symptoms. 

It’s important to apply the same alertness and awareness in case of HIV. This, too, is a virus and viruses are notorious for spreading fast and dangerously. If not treated on time, they can kill you. 

Discreet testing facility 

HIV testing center in Arlington, VA, conducts discreet testing and treatment. This comes as a major relief because most of the people procrastinate testing due to sheer embarrassment. 

Testing for Covid-19 is okay. But testing for HIV is bound to raise eyebrows. People don’t like to talk about it. in some societies, HIV patients are considered “dirty.” 

With such a social stigma attached to the disease, it is but natural for people to stay silent about it and ignore tests. But this isn’t a healthy way to tackle the problem. “In the long run, you are the one you will lose,” remarks a doctor. “And you will lose your life!” 

Thanks to discreet testing, people can now step inside the testing center and ask for a test without feeling shame or awkward. You can even consult a doctor, if you are unsure whether it’s HIV test you want or any other. 

The test usually involves taking your blood sample or saliva sample. Recently, urine-based test is also getting popular. 
HIV testing gives you a clear picture of your sexual health. It gives you a chance to lead a better life by treating the infection on time, saving your and your partner’s life. 

Resource Box: is a reputable HIV testing center in Arlington, VA. Visit the site today, if you are wondering “is there free HIV testing near me.”

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