Four Most Common Types of Drug Crime Charges

by Eva Braughly Freelance Writer/Blogger

The United States federal and state rulings have a law coverage over various drug crime charges. Certain state laws might be more specific but do not run in conflict with federal laws. Federal drug charges will result in longer and stricter sentences. Meanwhile, state drug charges can be set on probation or shorter sentences. Nonetheless, no matter what type of drug charges you have, any drug conviction will have consequences.

Drug crimes have garnered attention over the past decade. Every US state prohibits manufacturing, selling, and possessing controlled substances. Some of these controlled substances include methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana.

Here are some of the most common types of drug crime charges:

Possession of Controlled Substance

Every state has a different set of laws when it comes to drug possession. The charge varies depending on the type and amount of drug involved. Both federal and state laws prohibit possession of any illicit substances. The charge can either be possession with the intent to distribute or simple possession. If the person only has a small amount, the charge can be simple possession. A large quantity of illegal substances can have harsher sentences due to the intent to distribute. Similar paraphernalia laws can be covered with a drug possession charge.

Paraphernalia Charges

Drug paraphernalia refers to any equipment or tool which is used to conceal, inhale, inject, or prepare illicit drugs. It is against the law to import, export, or sell drug paraphernalia. Some drug paraphernalia include pipes, rolling papers, syringes, and bongs which are used to inhale, inject, and prepare the substance.

The issue with drug paraphernalia is the fact that some types can look as if they are made for legal purposes. An example is a syringe. A syringe can be used to inject drugs but can be masked as a medical-grade syringe. Another example would be bongs that have labels that can only be used for tobacco. Even with that label, you can have charges related to drug paraphernalia which depends on how the item looks or where you purchase the item.

Dealer Charges

Dealing in illegal drug trade means selling illicit substances on a small scale. Trafficking and dealing charges can vary depending on the state you are in. Drug dealing involves selling small amounts with leaner penalties. Selling large quantities serves harsher sentences.

A charge with dealing 50 grams of marijuana have a sentence up to five years and an additional fine of $250,000. Selling 1,000 kilograms would have a sentence starting from 10 years to life.

Manufacturing and Delivering Drugs Charges

Another common type of drug crime charges would be the manufacturing and delivery of illicit drugs. Prosecutors need to prove the intent of the defendant to either manufacture or deliver illegal drugs to have a stronger case to convict the drug manufacturer. Convictions will face prison time and fines. Growing or manufacturing products with marijuana have a different case due to medical legality.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Laws covering trafficking and distribution of drugs state that it is illegal to transport, sell or import any illegal substances. This charge is considered a felony. Trafficking and distributing drugs is a serious crime compared to a drug possession charge. Possessing huge quantities of drugs can lead the police to think that you have an intent to distribute the narcotics and give you a distribution charge. Conviction of drug trafficking can have a sentence from three years to life.

Seek Professional Legal Help From A Reputable and Experienced Law Firm

Getting drug crime charges is nerve-wracking. It is advised to have a drug charges’ defense attorney. The lawyer will determine what defenses can be used in your case. Some defense attorneys would challenge the testimony, evidence or stated facts. Procedural errors can also be used by the defense attorney.

Get professional legal help and ensure that your lawyer is reliable and experienced. An example would be the Stockmann Law firm that specializes in drug defense cases. It is in the best interests of the defendant to seek professional help. Drug crime sentences can be severe with hefty fines and prison time which is why there should be no delay in getting appropriate legal help.


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