Benefits of Provisioning Management System On Automated Configuration

by Eva Braughly Freelance Writer/Blogger

Benefits of Provisioning Management System On Automated Configuration, Telecommunications, and OTT Authentication

Basically, provisioning is defined as making a service available and also refers to “providing” service. A provisioning management system is important to manage the network that provides the “provisioning” service. Provisioning management systems are essential in the information technology market. It can be found on telecommunications, grid computing, and Storage Area Network (SAN). Provisioning is mostly prevalent in the telecommunication, cable, and OTT companies. It is crucial for their businesses as it is a direct link from their services and their customers.

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Installing a provisioning management system for networks aids in supervising the most essential factors of the preparation, equipment, and maintenance of services for the new customers, as well as existing ones. Provisioning makes a reference to the configuration, management, and deployment of different business resources within the IT infrastructure. Those resources need to be managed effectively through an automated provisioning management system. The resources have to be managed effectively to decrease the customer churn rate and increase revenue. Provisioning management helps in operating and managing any type of network.

Previously, the provisioning procedure was not maintained through a service management platform and was manually supervised. The manual supervision of the provisioning can take a long time and due to the fatigue experienced by the employees, there are many rooms for errors. These errors and slow service led to the frustration of the staff and the disappointment of the customers. All those problems can be avoided by a top provisioning management system that can monitor customer and user access. The customer’s privacy and rights are ensured by the automated system.

A management system provisioning fixes the biggest issue that a lot of telecommunication companies face which is known as the “human error”. There is a higher risk of human error if every stage is manually handled and every stage of the pipeline would need a thorough quality check, further slowing down the process. The installation of a management system has allowed companies to streamline their entire process and reduce errors. This leads to a reduction in costs while improving the effectiveness of the workflow.

Importance of A Management System In Automation

Even if there is automated provisioning in telecom and OTT companies, without a proper management system, it will not be efficient. Companies moving towards automated provisioning must start with having a management system in place. Automation helps the accuracy in the provisioning procedure, ensuring a smooth process of customer-facing actions.

For company leaders who remain hesitant in using a management system for provisioning processes, there are many areas where it can be essential. An example is the installation procedure for a new customer. Before the provisioning begins, the company would need to determine the virtual LAN or VLAN for fiber connections and other endpoints. The VLAN is the broadcast domain that is isolated within a computer network right at the data link.

The information from the installation of the new customer has to be recorded. The information is needed to be accurately recorded and must be kept safe. The information will be applied to various situations where it is needed. If a company used manual supervision in gathering information, the mistakes will be evident which can even lead to the breakdown of systems.

Even after the new customer is installed, the information gathered remains relevant whenever the customer would need support. If a business would add want certain services or change services, the collected information is already available. Once a customer calls the customer service department, the representative will be able to see every information and interaction that the customer had. Having a provisioning management system would let the information properly arrange, simple to access, and easy to explain to the customer.

The most important benefit of a provisioning system for telecommunication companies would be the integration of the billing system. Billing errors are frustrating for the customers and can lead to higher churn rates. An automated and managed provisioning system would avoid the errors involved.

Aside from the telecommunications industry, provisioning management for OTT authentication aids clients who want to watch whatever content they like on a device that is not a television. It could be a phone, tablet, or laptop. Customers can watch their favorite show at all times without any restrictions. It was difficult for service providers to oversee these experiences in the past but innovation has made it all possible.

Provisioning management can be a constant challenge in the OTT authentication and telecommunication industry. Companies like ETI provide a system that has the ability to provide services that will aid telecommunication and OTT authentication systems. Using an automated and managed provisioning will avoid subscriber downtime while customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

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