Filler masterbatch by bio plastic substrate can solve the environment problem

by Tran Hoa Marketing

BiO resin is now applied in the production of filler masterbatch to keep up with the trend of environmental protection in many manufacturing industries.


Plastic is a material which is more advanced and popular than traditional materials such as wood and metal because of its various designs, ease of use and low cost but not Environmentally friendly. Particularly in recent years, the recycling and energy saving movement as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials have been gaining more attention and becoming hotter than ever. Therefore, the use of bioplastic and filler masterbatch is more and more interested.

filler masterbatch

First of all we need to understand what is bioplastic? Bioplastic is a plastic made of natural materials in the environment (rice straw, corn starch, wood chips,...) and has the ability to decompose but still has the characteristics of durable and flexible plastic system.


Bioplastic has many benefits to the environment such as reducing energy in production, reducing raw materials for production of plastics such as carbon, safe for consumers' health, does not alter food flavor when using daily plastic materials. Because of these great benefits, the filler masterbatch from bioplastic base resin is widely used in many fields:

  • Medicine: Bioplastic is used as an alternative to some parts of the human body, such as dentures and artificial legs.

  • Food: Filler masterbatch from bioplastic can be used in making food packaging because of its safe, non-toxic properties like traditional plastic packaging.

  • Fashion: Currently, environmental issues and animal welfare protection are one of the sensitive issues of society. Therefore, the famous fashion brands increasingly use sources of recycled materials such as sedge and bioplastic instead of animal skin. Typically, Stella McCartney uses recyclables from materials that look and look like other leather products.

  • Children's toys: Since this bio filler is a material capable of decomposing, the bioplastic is also widely produced in toys. One of the largest toy companies in the world, Lego, announced the target in 2025 to use 100% of the bioplastic in its packaging and products.

bio filler masterbatch

Besides bioplastic, filler masterbatch is also an outstanding factor in energy saving. Plastic fillers are a mixture of CaCO3-based additives added to change the different properties of the resin or polymer resins. In addition, the use of plastic fillers also contributes to reducing the cost of products. Like bioplastic, filler masterbatch is also:

  • Used for nonwovens or fabrics that are thought to be used in oral hygiene, medicine or other industries

  • Used to prevent mold for interior and exterior. In addition Bio Filler is also used to prevent mold in industrial tools, such as barrels, boxes and buckets.

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